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Consistently picking up unknown tracks and transforming them into floorfillers, Carl Bee’s musical influences range from his broad sonic palette across several sub-genres, with the producer previously amassing a wealth of releases on esteemed labels such as Saved, Intec Digital, Lapsus, Lost Records, CR2, Time Has Changed and many more.

Up next for the Maltese producer is a new EP that will be released on Carl Cox’s label – INTEC. Check out our interview where he talks about this, the dance music scene of Malta, and why he loves long club sets.

T.H.E – You’re releasing your new EP on Carl Cox’s label INTEC. What was it about Carl Cox that made you think his label would be the best home for its release?

Carl Bee – INTEC is definitely one of the leading Techno labels out there so it has always been a benchmark for me. As soon as I finished these 2 particular tracks, I immediately felt that they have the same vibe as the current music on the label, so I sent it over to INTEC as priority. I’m really glad and happy to be on this Imprint.

T.H.E – How did the new EP come about? Tell us about its initial conception.

Carl Bee – I’ve been sending demos to INTEC for quite a while, being a leading label with a very good A&R, it takes time to get it right – especially being the first release on the label. At first the Track “Untifight” was confirmed from a demo lot and then got told to send more to complete a full 2 track EP. After a couple of months I sent “Bam” together with other tracks, which luckily got all the green lights and ready to be scheduled for release.

T.H.E – Most of your catalogue is comprised of standalone songs and other EP’s, what is it about this medium that attracts you to release music in this way? And would you consider a full-length traditional album?

Carl Bee – The good thing about it is that you have more flow of releases throughout the year, and when a Single or EP comes out, all the focus will be on that particular track or 2 track EP. However, I’m not ruling out making an Album in the future, but they can take a lot of time which means most likely you’d end up without releases for the time being. So, at the moment I’m establishing myself more with originals and remixes which I have the pleasure to sign on good labels.

T.H.E – Who are some artists you would love to do a collaborative project with?

Carl Bee – There are a lot of artists who inspire me, which makes it hard to choose!
Had the pleasure to make collaboration with a House Music Pioneer like Sandy Rivera (Kings Of Tomorrow). It was a nice experience to work with an artist who has done so many dance classics in the past. At the moment I’m about to work something out with one of the best Singers in the Techno Genre, Cari Golden. Excited to make this happen 

T.H.E – We’re aware that you run a weekly night in the summer called ‘Gringos’. Why was it important for you to have your own-curated event? And what can a new attendee expect should they decide to turn up?

Carl Bee – When I started my DJ career I never thought that I would also host my own events in Malta. But, after several local DJ residencies I had, in the year 2006 I organised a small party just for the purpose to be able to play a longer set than usual. Luckily enough, the feedback was really good, and a year after I did 2 events, which eventually led to the start of a summer weekly night as GRINGOS in 2011. Currently GRINGOS is happening at UNO Village, it’s an impeccable Open Air Club where we get to host and Invite various International Artists on a weekly basis. Names like Dubfire, Green Velvet, Kolsch, Martinez Brothers, Nic Fanciulli, Eats Everything, Roger Sanchez, Tiga, Matthias Tanzman, Davide Squillace, Jackmaster, Richy Ahmed, Deborah De Luca, The Mambo Brothers, Hot Since 82, Andrea Oliva, Carlo Lio, Nathan Barato, Kings Of Tomorrow… the list goes on!

T.H.E – How does the party and club scene in Malta compare to other places you’ve DJ’d at?

Carl Bee – When I look back to 5 years ago it was mainly local based but since a couple of International festivals are happening regularly on the Island, more young tourists seem to fly here especially during the Summer period. In my opinion, I think our party scene is quite underestimated – people who search Malta on Google think that it’s all about churches, beaches and history, which is a huge part of Malta as there is a very rich story to discover, but it’s a growing process – clubs are doing very well and parties are happening every weekend. So, considering the small population and how small the island is, Malta has a very good club scene in general!

T.H.E – Do you feel Malta gets enough recognition as its own hub for roaring ravers?

Carl Bee – We’re much better than we were a couple of years back, I’m quite happy to see Malta as a party spot, but it’s still an on-going process!

T.H.E – As a seasoned live professional, do you have a preference for festival sets, club sets or spot dates?

Carl Bee – Hands down I like long club sets the most where I can express myself more, musically, and build it my own way. However, festivals are also so fun. The only thing is that you have a shorter set time so you have to play what really works, so you can end up doing the obvious choices rather than risking much. But, of course that depends on set times!

T.H.E – When you’re not busy touring, recording and performing – What does Carl Bee like to do in his free time? What is an ideal day off?

Carl Bee – I really love food so trying out new restaurants is always tempting when I’m off, but I also love to stay home watching a movie or playing FIFA on Play Station 
Sometimes I even end up back in the studio making music when I’m supposed to be having a day off, as that’s also a place I really enjoy!!

T.H.E – What else can we look forward to from Carl Bee this year? New releases? Live dates?

Carl Bee – Definitely more releases are scheduled for this year which I’m really looking forward to, International dates are also lined up, one being in Bari, Italy, which marks my debut there, and obviously GRINGOS at UNO Village every Sunday night in Malta throughout the Summer Season, definitely a huge Summer awaits.

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