T.H.E Interview – Che Crozz


The Chevolution continues, as Che Crozz‘s advance up the global ranks firmly goes onwards & ever upwards.

Refusing to be defined by conventional genres, Che Crozz has music running through his veins & having a father who used to be a leading club owner in his native Netherlands, saw Che picking up the dance music bug before he had even learned to walk.

Following a slew of recent releases, including on John Christian‘s revered Freeway RecordingsChe Crozz returns & drops his latest cut ‘Squeezer’ on promo & in doing so – delivers a track that has the hallmarks of a future mainstage weapon.

We caught up with the talented DJ/Producer to understand his upbringing as an artist, latest release and got him to answer some fun questions for us.

T.H.E – Welcome, Che Crozz. It’s a pleasure to have you here.

Che Crozz – Thank you, appreciate it!

T.H.E – As a rising producer & DJ & from the Netherlands, you are clearly no stranger to the dance music scene. From having a famous father (who’s a former club owner) to practically being raised in a local club (Rockefeller). What was it like growing up?

Che Crozz – It was really great to see a club like that when you’re still very young, it’s really interesting. Also to hear all the stories from my dad about the DJs that we’re playing there was so cool to hear.

T.H.E – Your latest single ‘Squeezer’ is out now via Freeway Records (a record label owned by John Christian aka John Dirne, who also owns the recording studio White Villa Studios, where you have developed your own unique sound. What has your path been like on your musical journey?

Che Crozz – I’m still learning a lot from the guys in the White Villa Studios and they always can help me when I’m stuck in a project. I think it’s super nice to have people who can help you when you’re stuck in a project or something else.

My musical journey till now is better then I expected, I already got support from Tiesto, David Guetta, Nicky Romero, Showtek, Juicy M, John Christian and many more. I didn’t expect this so fast but it is an honor to get support from such big names from the industry, I am very thankful!

T.H.E – Any upcoming projects, collaborations, etc you’d like to tell us about?

Che Crozz – I got soooo many new tracks coming and also a few collabs, can’t tell you yet with who but you better be ready! 😉

T.H.E – Your summer is already looking packed from tour dates to the start of your radio show (Chevolution Radio). What are your plans for the rest of 2018 and beyond?

Che Crozz – Of course, trying to release as much music as I can! Also, I’m playing this summer at Hockeyloverz in the Netherlands, BH Mallorca together with Oliver Heldens, and I’m going to Asia! More info about that will be on my socials J

T.H.E – Top 5 artists, that have influenced you (past or present)?

Che Crozz – Tiesto will always be a big inspiration to me.

D.O.D (past & present)

John Christian is still inspiring me a lot and always will do.

W&W (past)

Mesto (past & present)

T.H.E – Before you go, which would you choose? Clubs or Festivals?

Che Crozz – Festivals

T.H.E – Club owner or silent partner?

Che Crozz – Club owner

T.H.E – Soccer or Field Hockey?

Che Crozz – Soccer

T.H.E – Front row or Backstage?

Che Crozz – Backstage

T.H.E – Logic Pro or FL Studio?

Che Crozz – Logic Pro

T.H.E – Books or movies?

Che Crozz – Movies

T.H.E – Late nights or early mornings?

Che Crozz – Late nights

T.H.E – Breakfast or Dinner?

Che Crozz – Dinner

T.H.E – Superheroes or Villains?

Che Crozz – Superheroes

T.H.E – Apple or Samsung?

Che Crozz – Apple

T.H.E – What has been your go-to, never failed piece of advice given to you?

Che Crozz – My dad always tells me, never give up and always tell yourself you’re lucky because you will be if you believe in it.

T.H.E – Thanks, Che Crozz, for taking time out to talk to us here at T.H.E – Music Essentials. It’s been an absolute pleasure!

Che Crozz – Thank you for the interest, appreciate it a lot! It was a pleasure J


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