T.H.E Interview – Corey James

Corey James

Corey James, recently acclaimed as Liverpool’s best-kept secret is certainly one to listen out for.

His ongoing flurry of international and local airplay is just reward for the many releases hitting the world’s best labels like Size, Protocol and more.

Recently, he revealed his new single ‘With You’ feat. Santez, which is out now via Steve Angello’s SIZE Records. As you will find out below in our chat, Steve Angello has been a major source of inspiration for Corey and after finding this out, we knew we had to know his feelings about accomplishing this feat. Read our interview where Corey not only talks about the role Steve has played in his career so far, but also looks forward to playing at Creamfields and explains why there aren’t many ‘studio secrets’.

Varun – Hi Corey, thanks for taking time out for this interview! How has 2017 been for you so far?

Corey James – Hi and thanks for having me! 2017 has been incredible so far, I’m super happy & excited for what’s to come. Lots of new music, shows and projects!

Varun – You’ve been putting out some of the biggest records with so much consistency, these past couple of years! What has been your biggest inspiration in the studio while producing and how has this journey come through so successfully since you started?

Corey James – Thank you! I try my best to be consistent with music but at the same time keep improving the quality. It definitely can be challenging at times. My biggest inspiration in the studio would be trying to create something that will take people on a journey whether it’s in the club or at a festival, even at home listening in headphones too. I am constantly trying new styles, new sounds & different genres, love a good challenge.

Varun – You’ve signed your music to some of the biggest labels in the business! Which is your dream label to sign your music to, if you made music outside the dance music sphere?

Corey James – Hmm…that’s a tough question. I am a fan of all music really and obviously working with a major like Universal or Sony would be exciting. I used to produce a lot of hip-hop before going on my dance music journey so maybe a track with Drake or 50 Cent with an established hi-hop label would be nice :)

Varun – ‘With You’ with Santez is a fabulous record! You’ve stated it was a dream and a goal to sign with Size Records and it has finally come true! How has the label and Steve Angello inspired you from when you first started producing? What made you sign this particular to Size, given your strong discography including other tracks?

Corey James – Thank you, I’m super proud of this record and couldn’t be happier with signing it to the perfect label. Yes, Size Records was one of my dream labels to release on. I remember going to my first big show in Liverpool for Steve Angello at Cream and ever since that moment I just had this determination that “this is what I am going to do”. Steve inspired me so much from that moment, that I quit my day job and started making music for 12-16 hours every day, and here I am now signing a track to his label. It’s insane, still doesn’t seem real. I was a big fan of the label form the get go and used to watch the Size TV episodes every day and that played a huge part in my determination to get where I am today. When making this track I knew pretty much straight away I was sending it to Steve. The record just felt like it was “the one” – super different and fresh.

Varun – On the touring front, which show are you particularly excited to play this year? If you could curate your own show, what would be your biggest USP?

Corey James – To be honest I am really excited about all of them. It feels great being able to explore the world and meet all of the amazing fans that support my music. If I had to pick just one show, it would probably be Creamfields. It’s my “home festival” and all of my friends will be there so should be a great time! Also really looking forward to many other festivals this summer like Summerburst, Balaton Sound and more to be announced soon.

Varun – You are one of the most technically sound producers in the game. What advice would you give producers who are just starting out as well as producers who are semi-pros and are trying to make it to the big level?

Corey James – That’s another great compliment, thank you. One of the problems I used to have is looking at my computer screen thinking “does this look right?”. You should use your ears, listening how it sounds instead. If the kick isn’t right, open up a sampler and go through 1000 kicks until you find the correct one that sits in your track. I been doing this in the last year for every single sound, tweaking it until it fits with the way I want it to and it honestly improved my sound and production levels so much. I would also say learning, listening to new techniques is really important as well.  I would check all my favorite producer’s Snapchats, Instagrams and Facebooks for studio pictures and screenshot their screen to try see what plugins they are using or techniques and try them myself.

Varun – Any studio secrets that you wish you had known when you just started out?

Corey James – I don’t really think there are many “secrets”. A lot of know-how comes with experience. The more you are in the studio experimenting and making music, the faster you will find your own techniques and habits. Which I guess you could call “secrets” haha

Varun – What are your plans for the future for brand ‘Corey James’?

Corey James – Keep making the best music I can and inspire others with my music. Hopefully that leads to more exciting projects and undertakings that I can share with the world.

Varun – Your 5 essential tunes at the moment?

Corey James –

  1. Corey James ft Santez – With You
  2. CYA – Mistakes
  3. CamelPhat – 101
  4. Third Party – Have No Fear
  5. Tchami – Adieu

Varun – Your artists to watch this year from the Groove fraternity?

Corey James – David Pietras – 100%

Varun – Thanks for the interview Corey! We wish you all the luck and hope to see you in India very soon!

Corey James – Thank you for your Time! I hope so too!

Continuing to push the boundaries of dance music further, Corey James is set to have an incredible 2017. Stay connected with Corey, here.


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