ULTRA Singapore 2016 – Backstage Interview with DubVision


Dutch brothers Victor and Stephan Leicher are fast conquering the world of dance music as scintillating duo DubVision. With everyone from Hardwell to David Guetta to Avicii and Tiësto supporting their show-stopping productions, their prolific output has enjoyed immense exposure across the world.

We caught up with them at ULTRA Singapore to discuss their upcoming collaboration with Justin Oh, their favourite social media platform and more! Read our chat below. :)

Akshay – So you guys played ULTRA Singapore yesterday. How was it?

DubVision – It was amazing, it was our first Ultra and first Ultra Singapore too. A lot of people showed up and it got better with every track we played, the crowd gave us amazing energy. We played some new music too, so it was a great day!

Akshay – Did you play any upcoming releases or collaborations? How was the response to it?

DubVision – We played our collaboration together with Justin Oh. He is a Korean DJ we first met recently. We’ve been playing it in our sets for a while now and it will be released very soon. Besides this new collaboration, we also played our remix of Axwell /\ Ingrosso’s “Thinking About You”. The audience always goes crazy on this one!

Akshay – This particular collaboration with Justin Oh. Any more info on that? And when can we expect it to release?

DubVision – The track will be released somewhere in October on Revealed Recordings and we’re also shooting a music video as we speak. The video will be full of footage from Asia. We shot a part in Korea and now we’re shooting some footage here in Singapore.

Akshay – So recently, Beatport introduced more classified categories and genres, eg – Bigroom. So what do you think about the impact it’s gonna have? Is it a good move?

DubVision (Victor) – I think it’s smart because Bigroom has got a different following. Some people call Bigroom EDM, but it’s not the same. EDM stands for electronic dance music and it has several genres to it. It’s smart to have it as a separate genre.

DubVision (Stephan) – For me it has never been about genres, I just focus on the music we produce. Sometimes when we try to make something different, we get a lot of response from the fans asking us to stick to progressive house. But it’s always been about making the music we love.

Akshay – Can we expect an album from you guys?

DubVision – No we are not working on an album at the moment, maybe next year but not now. We’re really focusing on a diversity of genres, more crossovers. We also want to focus on increasing our profile. If we reach a certain point where we feel like we’re big enough to release an album, then we are definitely going to do that!

Akshay – You’ve a lot of releases, you tour across the globe, what’s next for DubVison now? What is it that you wanna accomplish?

DubVision – That will definitely be a future album full of diverse music. As we said music is important for us. We are making new music and experimenting with new stuff and we also hope we play at more festivals. We haven’t performed at that many big festivals yet, so our goal has always been producing the music and the big festivals will come after.

Akshay – Which is your favourite social platform?

DubVision (Victor): I really like Snapchat because it’s more responsive. We can post stupid and funny backstage things on our Snapchat.. So you better follow us!

DubVision (Stephan): I like Instagram because it’s pretty with its features. Haha, it’s nice and I like having cool pictures and artsy stuff. Snapchat is too messy for me.

Akshay – Your biggest highlight for 2016?

DubVision – Ultra is definitely one of our highlights and we actually performed on the Arcadia Spider stage last week in Seoul. We also did other amazing shows and all of them inspire us to keep moving forward with our music. A big thank you to all our fans around the world!

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