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O Good

Hits O Good are here to add something new to the table. With their melodic, fresh and forward-thinking yet approachable sound, they bring quality in a less serious form.

Recently, Hits O Good collaborated with critically acclaimed German duo, Inpetto on their new single, ‘Nowhere To Be Found’ with vocals from Neta! Read our chat below where we talk to them about this single and how it came about.

T.H.E – You guys have tons of experience in Hollywood productions, now you’re releasing your own music on the Mixmash imprint, you’ve definitely been making a name for yourselves this year. How long have you been with Mixmash now and what’s it like working with the label?

Hits O Good – We have been working with Mixmash for over a year now and it has been a great overall experience. the team behind the desks are very professional and well organised, and the good relationship we have with them makes our work much easier and more convenient. They are very open minded and let the artists express their thoughts and helps pushing their profile.

T.H.E – Talk us through your most recent track ‘Nowhere To Be Found’ in collaboration with Inpetto. Have you always been a fan of these guys? Or were you only introduced recently through the label?

Hits O Good – Inpetto is no stranger to us by any means. we actually know the guys from back in the days when we were producing EDM under different aliases. Let’s not forget one of our most played tracks as kids was ‘Toca Me’! So it was a big honour working with the guys. We can definitely say this collaboration has tighten our connection.

T.H.E – How did you guys work together to come up with such a great dance anthem? I bet you all brought a range of ideas to the table?

Hits O Good – We were really excited working with Inpetto and there was no actual plan for this collaboration other than make this one great. There was a great vibe going between us and lots of inspiration was floating around this track that made it easy for all of us. Each brought his own sounds and samples and we just played around with what we had until it felt right. We were really satisfied of what we accomplished that day.

T.H.E – Did you all work in the studio together? 

Hits O Good – ’Next Era’ publishing had a writers camp planned for ADE, and they made a great choice of teaming us with Inpetto. after a great session of few hours together in the studio, we both took the files to our private studios and from there it was a back and forth online collaboration until we were satisfied with the result.

T.H.E – Did you learn anything from working with artists who may have a different style, sound or work ethic to you?

Hits O Good – That’s a really interesting question! We learn from every project we work on, especially collaborations as you get to experience a different point of view of what you’re used to do every day. It was a very rich experience for the both of us. its hard to go to specific details because each of us brought something unfamiliar to the other side, from different samples we used to different methods of processing and tools. The pure beauty of collaborations!

T.H.E – Have you had a chance to play out the new single yet?

Hits O Good – We’ve played the song in a few local clubs and the reactions were heartwarming. the song reached many fans hearts and we are overwhelmed by the support and reactions all over the world.

T.H.E – Was it fun working with singer, Neta? What do you like about her voice and how did you end up working with her?

Hits O Good – It was a great pleasure working with Neta. back in ADE we felt the track needs a strong vocal but didn’t have a clue about what kind of a vocal and how it will sound. We found Neta couple months after we produced the track, while browsing the net for new singers. when we came across her social pages we thought her voice can fit perfectly to the song. it reminded us a different version of Ellie Goulding.

We’ve been guiding her online. working together on the content of the song and the melody until we felt it was the right time to record it. we invited her to a studio session which ended with a great vocal and smiley faces. she is very professional and was easy to work with.

T.H.E – Anyone else in particular who you would like to collaborate with, whether it’s a producer or vocalist?

Hits O Good – Wow, this is a question with a very long answer! the list is huge obviously, probably endless as we are eager to try so many styles and genres and get influenced by all these great producers out there. If we are talking about dance music it would be great to join forces with ‘Laidback Luke’! we do believe we can make a killer hit together which can hit the dance floors real hard while making a name for itself in the big dance charts. beyond that we would love to collaborate with ‘Oliver’. the experience of working with them in the same studio would be unforgettable. and last but not least we have a pretty big list of singers we would love to work with from ‘Justin Bieber’ and ‘Justin Timberlake’ to ‘Tove Lo’ and ‘Alunageorge’. those are incredible!

T.H.E – Do you have any exciting gigs coming up? 

Hits O Good – Nowadays we are very busy producing in the studio. we are working on multiple projects at a time, few of them are new and exciting collaborations that we would love to share with you in the near future. We are planning to perform live in the future but right now we are focusing on the music.

T.H.E – The track definitely sounds like a dance hit. Can we expect any more Hits O Good and Inpetto hits in the future?

Hits O Good – Thanks so much! a career in the music business is a long journey and we would love to work on a follow up with the guys sooner or later. If its up to us, we can start tomorrow ;)


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