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Hailed by DJ Mag UK as one of their ‘Ones To Watch’, Axtone recently welcomed Jack Wins to the family for the first in a number of releases throughout the year.

It’s clear that 2018 seems to be promising for Jack, and he’s all set to show dance music fans from across the globe what they’ve been missing. Read our chat with Jack where he talks about being signed by Axtone, and why Dutch peanut butter is the best.

Ranjiv – Hi Jack! How has 2017 been for you?

Jack Wins – 2017 was fun, but 2018 has been even better 😉
Couldn’t have hoped for a better start with remixing heavy weights like Axwell & Ingrosso + Kygo’s new single and debuting on Axtone records!

Ranjiv – We loved your latest single on Axtone – Freewheelin’ featuring Caitlyn Scarlett. How did the idea of this collaboration come up?

Jack Wins – Well actually I was sent the acapella by her manager and it just really inspired me to write something to compliment the vocals and the lyrics as they are really great!

Ranjiv – 2018 looks exciting with your upcoming releases on Axtone, Spinnin’ and ‘AFTR:HRS’. Can we expect a lot more releases on one particular label in the future from you?

Jack Wins – My focus is definitely on Axtone as that is my base, but obviously still going to venture out onto other labels – I think it’s important to release the right music on the right label. Sometimes a record fits better on another label, so it then makes sense to release it there.

Ranjiv – You are known for your “feel good” house music. What/who is your music inspired by?

Jack Wins – I’d say very much by house music from early 2000, when house music was very vocal led, melodic, but still groovy. Axwell, Martin Solveig, Bob Sinclar, Basement Jaxx, Armand van Helden are some of the guys that have definitely inspired me over the years!

Ranjiv – Name one producer and one singer that you would love to collaborate with.

Jack Wins –

Producer/Musician: Nile Rodgers
Singer: Dua Lipa

Ranjiv – You have remixed numerous tracks and you are quite popular for them. Amongst your remixes, which one is your favourite one and why?

Jack Wins – I think Dua Lipa – Hotter Than Hell – I think my remix complimented the original well – it was also one of the first remixes I did and was at a time when Dua Lipa was breaking through – her vocals are just really good.

Ranjiv – While remixing huge hits, there must be quite a bit of pressure to deliver. How do you cope with it or what would your approach towards making a remix be?

Jack Wins – Yeah, well the funny thing is that every remix generally has to be done so last minute (the average being a week) – that you just have to get on with it.

Generally people come to me because they expect a certain sound, so that already narrows it down a bit. For me it’s always the vocal that needs to inspire me as I generally ignore the rest of the track as I only use the vocals anyway. I always just pretend I’m making a Jack Wins track!

Ranjiv – We’ve seen your love for “Calvé Pindakaas”. What is so special about this peanut butter? And, would you give up eating this on tour forever if you’re offered $1 million in return?

Jack Wins – Dutch peanut butter is just so much nicer – you have to taste it to believe it. It’s quite different from your US peanut butter. People always say ‘yeah, but you say it because you’re Dutch’, but I have converted many people over the years 😉

Anyway, when you’re in Holland, try Dutch peanut butter!

Oh yeah, no problem, as I’ll just eat it when I’m back at home 😉

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