T.H.E Interview – Juliet Sikora


This beautiful creature stalks her prey at night. Music is her weapon, and beats are her bullets. Trumpet stabs and drum kicks for close-quarters combat. Juliet Sikora is going in for the kill…

Born in Strzelce Opolskie in Poland, Juliet has always had a passion for music. She learned how to play the piano at an early age and developed a taste for the electronic side of music while she was still in her teens.

We managed to catch up with Juliet and spoke to her about her upcoming performance at the Enchanted Valley Carnival and loads more! Read our chat below. :)

Akshay – How has 2016 shaped up for you?

Juliet Sikora – The universe was well disposed towards me and it’s been a great year. I’ve played great gigs all year, releasing on amazing labels like Material, Suara and Kittball. I´m very satisfied with 2016 and I’m sure that 2017 will be also full of positive surprises.

Akshay – For people that are not familiar with your sound, how would you best describe it?

Juliet Sikora – My DJ sets include a whole range, from Deep House to Techno, with a positive vibe always. I love to add some old and forgotten tracks to my sets, but all in all, I love house music with all their facets.

Probably this mix would give you an idea with respect to my sound.

Akshay – You learned to play the Piano at a very young age. Was it always clear back then that you definitely would have a career in music?

Juliet Sikora – Not really. I was not a big fan of my piano lessons when I was a kid, but nowadays it is very useful when you produce music.

Akshay – You also have a degree in event management. How important do you think it was in order to get a sense of the work that goes in behind the scenes?

Juliet Sikora – It is not that important for me as a DJ to be honest, but it is helpful as background knowledge for our Kittball showcases or for the organisation of our stages at festivals.

Akshay – How has Kittball records grown in 2016? What plans do you have for it in 2017?

Juliet Sikora – Since I got involved into label in 2009, the only way is up. Kittball gets bigger and bigger every year and it´s amazing to see what happens. We’ve risen from a backyard record label to a music institution with international popularity. 2016 itself was amazing. We had our own stages at big festivals like Parookaville, Pollerwiesen, Juicy Beats, and many more, we hosted our party at Off Sonar Barcelona and had showcases all around the world. We’re working hard on new goals we set at the moment and you will definitely have Kittball in your ears in 2017 as well.

Akshay – You strongly believe that ‘There’s something wrong if a DJ doesn’t dance.’ Which DJs would you say are quite good at this and their moves have caught your eye?

Juliet Sikora – Hahahaha yes, that is true! For me the best “DJ dancers” are Tapesh, Carl Cox, and Nina Kravitz. They set free a certain energy which affects the crowd in a positive way.

Akshay – How do you prepare for a set? Is there like a ritual that you have for any gig?

Juliet Sikora – First of all I try to arrive early at the venue to listen to the other DJs who play before me. The selection starts here and is unique to each place, but I never play an advance selected playlist for myself. I go with the flow and ride the energy wave of the dancefloor. I’m still always a bit nervous before my sets to show my best performance, so typically I disappear behind the DJ booth for a few minutes to concentrate on myself before I start.

Akshay – Coming to your performance at the Enchanted Valley Carnival, what can fans expect from your set??

Juliet Sikora – You can definitely expect a great show showing my deep love to the music and everybody being invited to enjoy my set.

Akshay – Enchanted Valley Carnival offers fans a lot more than just music, there’s the beautiful campsite, adventure actives that one can be a part of. Any chance we will spot you at one of those? :P

Juliet Sikora – If time allows, I will try out as much as I can as I love adventure activities and of course I would like to visit the entire area. :)

Here’s how you can #JoinTheTribe at the Enchanted Valley Carnival 2016.


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