T.H.E Interview – Justin Mylo and Rich Edwards


Dutch artist Justin Mylo goes head to head with Swedish producer Rich Edwards, as the pair drop their new single ‘Funky Freddy’.

With a revered back catalog & upfront musical agenda, both Justin Mylo & Rich Edwards are no strangers to delivering an array of dance floor weapons. From Justin’s earlier cut ‘Chasing Shadows’, that was signed to Martin Garrix’s label STMPD RCRDS, through to his more recent collaboration with Navarra on ‘Live Like This’ – the artist based out of Amsterdam continues his consistent roll of studio output.

Rich Edwards also comes hot off the back of a slew of releases in recent times, that include the classic ‘Where I’ll Be Waiting’ (feat. Cozi Zuehlsdorff) – a track that was picked up by Canadian powerhouse Monstercat, through to remixing for the likes of NERVO, Cash Cash & beyond, the Stockholm based producer is showing no signs of letting up.

Fast forward to the present, the collaboration of Justin Mylo & Rich Edwards on ‘Funky Freddy’ sees both artists bring their own trademark production elements to the track & in doing so – deliver a future sure-fire player.

We caught up with both of them, to know more about how this track came along, their first steps in the world of music production and more.

T.H.E – Hey Justin, Rich, thanks for joining us here at The Music Essentials. How’s it going & what’s been happening in the studio, since you both released ‘Chasing Shadows’ & ‘Live Like This’, respectively? 

Justin – Been crazy busy in the studio working hard on finishing up a follow up for Chasing Shadows but also been busy with more club heat singles like Funky Freddy now!

T.H.E – Congrats on your new track ‘Funky Freddy’, a big production & tell us how the record came about?

Rich – I was in Amsterdam back in January to write some stuff together with Justin, and while we were waiting for some other people to arrive at his studio we played some demos and ideas to each other. I pulled up the sketch I had for this track, Justin loved it and we decided that we would work on it together. As I live in Stockholm we kept sending the project back and forth on email to get it finished.

T.H.E – What is the meaning behind the title?

Justin – I had this thing going on with track names that started off with Bouncy Bob, then Groovy George, Jumping Jack and we both thought it would be fun to continue that and give the previous songs another sibling and that’s when we came up with Funky Freddy!

T.H.E – How long had a collaboration been in the works & what made you first decide to work together? 

Rich – It was a spur of the moment kind of thing for this particular track. We share the same management so naturally, we hung out and came to find out that we share the same passions and inspirations, so it was very easy to find common ground and make great music together.

T.H.E – Let’s talk about your backgrounds, what were the first steps for each of you into the world of music? 

Rich – I’ve always made and played music during my life, but my first real step started out as a DJ locally in Stockholm while I was studying music production. Soon after my first release on Monstercat happened and that’s what I really would call my first step into the business.

Justin – For me, it really started as a hobby, I played guitar and flute my whole youth and then eventually stopped doing that because I hated the fact my music teacher made me do all the homework learning music theory and practicing chords and stuff. But my love for music never ended, A friend of mine introduced me to dance music and that’s when I started to mess around with DJing and producing myself. Things really started to get serious for me when I released Bouncy Bob together with Martin Garrix and Mesto.

T.H.E – Which three artists have influenced your sound, along the way? 

Rich – Swedish House Mafia, Avicii, and Max Martin, Yes, I know that Max isn’t an artist, but the dude really knows how to make a huge song!

Justin – Swedish House Mafia, Hardwell, and Chuckie. SHM really got me hooked on the energetic euphoric dance music. Hardwell was my idol when I started out I remember watching his live sets when I started out. Chuckie really inspired me as a DJ the real turntablism and I always used to buy his Dirty Dutch mix CD’s.

T.H.E – What’s the best piece of advice you’ve each been given, by an industry peer? 

Rich – “Do what feels right” I know it’s the most cliché thing ever but if it comes from a person that you really look up to (which they did in my case) It just confirms that you are doing something right.

Justin – I recently got advice not from an industry peer but a driver who was taking me from my hotel in Las Vegas to the airport. This man was a model in his younger years and traveled around the country. He told me that the thing that he regretted most was not taking pictures of all his adventures and that he now wasn’t able to share all his memories with loved ones. Which actually is more or less the advice I’ve been given by an industry peer to always share all the crazy things I get to experience in life with friends and family!

T.H.E – And finally, what are your plans for the rest of 2018, from a touring and production point of view? 

Rich – I have a few more tracks coming out before 2018 is over, also a few shows here and there, so keep an eye out!

Justin – 2018 is going by so fast but still have plenty of exciting things coming up! My new collaboration with Martin Garrix is releasing September 14, I’m throwing my own event during ADE and have tours scheduled in Asia and Europe so we’re far from done for this year.



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