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Eclectic DJ/producer duo Krosses exemplify the cliché ‘Music has no boundaries’, for this exciting act has emerged from two corners of the world.

The two producers (Elias – UK, Rohan – India) connected via an online forum and found out that their take on electronic music production was exactly the same.


We caught up with the duo at the Amsterdam Dance Event this year, and instead of going the usual interview route, flipped the tables and got the boys to interview each other. Right from dream car, toothbrush colour to stuff like biggest addiction, favourite movie and more, the Krosses duo go at each other, and reveal a lot about themselves.

Elias – If you could talk to your President, what would you talk about?

Rohan – I guess starting with basic infrastructure back home. The conversation I’d kick off with him will be about this and then that would take us somewhere else.

Elais – Deep.

Rohan – What is your dream car?

Elias – I’m not really a car person but…

Rohan – Your dad is not going to be happy!

Elias – No, my dad’s not going to be happy. Um, maybe I guess we will just be boring and say a Lamborghini I guess. Yeah, why not?

Elias – Are you a morning or a night person?

Elias – Actually, I can answer that. He is a night person, definitely not a morning person.

Rohan – Everyone that knows me knows that I am a night person.

Rohan – What are you afraid of?

Elias – I’m not really afraid of heights, maybe spiders. I mean I don’t think anyone likes spiders so I guess spiders. Yeah, not a big fan!

Elias – What is your favorite color?

Rohan – Blue. Always has been.

Rohan – Um, biggest addiction?

Elias – Yeah, I know this one. Production I guess, music production.

Rohan – Um, I was hoping you would say your girlfriend but ok.

Elias – Music production and girlfriend… yes, girlfriend.

Elias – Favorite movie?

Rohan – Braveheart

Elias – pretty old movie.

Rohan – Yeah, it is, but it is one of my favorite ones so.

Rohan – If you could be any flavor of ice-cream, what would it be and why?

Elias – Sweet… sweet caramel I guess.

Elias – What color is your toothbrush currently?

Rohan – I lose one every week so it just changes.

Elias – What color is it this week?

Rohan – This week, it is transparent.

Elias – Pretty boring really.

Rohan – Yeah.

Rohan – Favorite superhero and why?

Elias – Oh, um, it gets so boring. Spiderman, I guess.

Rohan – Superman for me any day, man.

Elias – I do enjoy a bit of Luke Cage. I would like to be vital and strong but I think I would like to swing from building to building a bit more so I would have to say Spiderman.

Rohan – Boring.

Elias – what is the one thing that you can never live without, apart from me?

Rohan – Food.

Elias – So it goes me and then food

Rohan – Just anything that is edible probably but yeah, food and deserts. Yeah. Anything with chocolate

Elias – muffins?

Rohan – Yeah, Amsterdam has been fun. There are two sides to Amsterdam… one is eating and one is work. Yeah.

Rohan – What is the one thing that you would never do?

Elias – Oh, these are hard questions man. I do not know, there is not much to that I would not do. Pretty adventurous so. I really do not do much apart from producing.

Rohan – C’mon.

Elias – Oh, this is so hard. Maybe you should tell me, what is the one thing that you would not do?

Rohan – Why are you turning it on me? This has to come from you. I can list 5 of the things that I wouldn’t do.

Elias – Name 1.

Rohan – Uh, Jaywalk.

Elias – Jaywalk. Yes. You know I would never do that because safety is very important. You have to look right and left kids and make sure there is no car or bicycle if you are in Amsterdam.

Rohan – Follow the green light.

Elias – Follow the light. Do not jaywalk. It is bad!

Elias – What do you think about when you are alone in the bathroom?

Rohan – The one thought. That changes every day but..

Elias – What did you think about this morning?

Rohan – It is mostly trying to make it to the gym. Probably… yeah. That is probably the biggest thought I have almost every day of the week.

Elias – Trying… to make it…

Rohan – Yeah. Trying to make it to the gym. Just get myself ready and get out.

Rohan – Uh, what is the one animal you could be and why?

Elias – Oh.

Rohan – Simple.

Elias – A dog, cause they have the best life. I mean like the Mixmash office dog is here and he just like just sits around and people treat you so nicely so I guess a dog.

Elias – What is the funniest thing that has happened to you?

Rohan – That is a tough one. Not many funny things happened to me though but yeah, it is uh, I do not know actually. I guess being mistaken for someone who you are not.

Elias – That is the funniest thing that has happened.

Rohan – Yeah.

Elias – You need a… a life.

Rohan – Yeah, I give you competition for boring life.

Elias – If you cannot tell, we have average lives…. right now.

Rohan – I am glad I am not answering this one. Would you ever kiss a frog for a 100 US Dollars?

Elias – 120. I would do it for 120. Let’s do it.

Rohan – Shallow and shameless.

Elias – What is your favorite vegetable?

Rohan – Potato.

Elias – Straight up… potato.

Rohan – I mean, versatile vegetable, I guess it is pretty good.

Rohan – Favorite pizza topping?

Elias – Everything apart from mushrooms.

Elias – Snapchat or Instagram?

Rohan – Instagram.

Elias – Instagram every day.

Rohan – All day, every day. Yeah.

Elias – I cannot remember the last time I used snapchat.

Rohan – Cause it’s boring.

T.H.E – Music Essentials – Is there anything else you would like to say?

Rohan – Well, we come from two different countries, two different cultures, and we make music together, and please go listen to our music. We have tons of new music coming out as well. So, check it out and check us out.

Elias – Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram!

Paridhi Bhatiya


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