T.H.E Interview – Kryder


Kryder’s musical talents don’t follow a trend, he sets the trend. His music transcends language and captivates the ear.

Delivering a sound so genre defying it is easily considered “too” fresh to label. Never one to wake up and say “I want to make an electro record”, he lets the feel and groove of the moment propel his inspiration. His invigorating take on big room firepower has found a massive audience, both on the dance floor and within the dance music industry. Just as well, his peak time, mind numbing, genre busting sets have a story to tell, and Kryder’s ability to tell that story keeps the crowds craving more.

Check out our chat where Kryder talks about his collaboration with Steve Angello and his plans for Miami Music Week.

T.H.E – Hey! How has 2018 kicked off for you?

Kryder – Great thanks! I have new management, a new label, some big collabs & some amazing bookings coming up. It’s fantastic to see the demand for dance music continuing to grow all over the world.

T.H.E – You have been teasing your collaboration with Steve Angello for quite some time now. When can we expect the track to be released?

Kryder – We have both been testing different versions in our club & festival gigs, and amending the track. We are close to finishing the final version now and are aiming to release it around MMW in March this year.

T.H.E – You’re considered to be one of the drivers of progressive house music, across the globe. How have you managed to ensure that your sounds remain well within ‘house music’, while still being able to experiment?

Kryder – It’s all about balance and maintaining the groove within my tracks. I love trying new ideas, especially whilst remixing. I’m not one to follow a trend, I would rather have a go at creating something unique.

T.H.E – Tell us about your remix of Robin Schulz’ massive tune with Marc Scibilia – ‘Unforgettable’, How did the remix come about?

Kryder – I’ve just signed to new management (same as Robin Schulz), and they offered me the official remix the week that I signed with them, which was great as I love the original track & I am very proud of my remix.

T.H.E – Miami Music Week is just around the corner, and it’s one of the most important events for an artist. Tell us about your plans and what are you looking forward to the most?

Kryder – I love Miami! I get to see all my DJ friends, road test new music, sign new artists to the labels and drink a lot of cocktails at the pool parties! I can’t wait for my annual Sosumi records event – the venue has the best views of Miami & we always get an amazing family vibe at the party every year.

T.H.E – Time for some fun questions. We are going to be testing your knowledge on Miami, which you need to answer in true or false. Miami has been the setting of scenes in three James Bond movies: Goldfinger, Thunderball, and Casino Royal. However, the actor playing James Bond has never actually filmed a scene there.

Kryder – TRUE

T.H.E – Miami has the most citizens born outside the country of any city in the world.

Kryder – False

T.H.E – Thanks! It’s been a pleasure talking to you.

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