T.H.E Interview – Marcello Marotta

Marcello Marotta

Marcello Marotta is a well established House DJ and producer from Italy, constantly entering the Top 100 House Charts.

He’s currently back with his project TUMADA and again, he is currently #1 in the Top 100 Stems House Chart and #52 in Top 100 House Chart with “FREAK”, released on Bewild Records.

You can listen “FREAK” here

TUMADA “FREAK” is built around a shimmering crescendo, uplifted by a fluorescent synth getting the track ready to get the FREAK vocal in and out of it. The rumbling bass is designed to support the rhythm all over the track and keeps the energy to a robust level before dropping into a deep break where the ‘FREAK’ comes out and extends itself all over the dance floor.

T.H.E – Welcome Marcello Marotta (TUMADA). How things are going so far?

Marcello Marotta – I am very well, thank you.

T.H.E – Your releases have been constantly reaching Top 100 Charts with different projects in the last years, how does it feel being in the Top 100 Charts?

Marcello Marotta – It is always exciting entering and staying in the Top 100 Charts, as it is quite a difficult goal to achieve considering the massive amount of music released every week. It makes me feel really proud of what I have done, so far.

T.H.E – What distinguishes TUMADA compared to other projects you have been involved with?

Marcello Marotta – TUMADA is a kind of “open source” project that allows sharing ideas with different producers. For example, back in 2014 TUMADA “Everything” was released by “Ocean Trax” with other producers and it gave us great satisfactions.

T.H.E – What was your main decisions to submit ‘FREAK’ to the Bewild Records?

Marcello Marotta – I know well the Bewild Records style, so I believed my music style could have matched their music vision. I really love the effort they put in every release, supported by great PR marketing campaigns providing producers with great visibility.

T.H.E – What did inspire you during the ‘FREAK’ arrangement flow?

Marcello Marotta – Basically, I was listening a radio track, I really liked it and I thought to create a similar sound with a strong personal house touch.

T.H.E – How would you describe your musical style when behind the decks?

Marcello Marotta – I’m quite into the electronic music mood with a strong grooving funky and soul style.

T.HE – Can you tell us your top 3 Clubs you would like to play and why?

Marcello Marotta – To be honest, I don’t really have a top 3 because my favorite club is the one where I’m going to play next time!

T.H.E – Where can we expect to see you DJing in the next 3 – 6 months?

Marcello Marotta – You can catch me at Sofia Club and Kabà in Italy, where I already played recently and where the people reaction as well the locations are equally great!

Follow Marcello Marotta on Facebook and Soundcloud to stay updated with his next releases and gigs.


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