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Mike Williams is known to be a versatile artist, passionate and fascinated by music from an early age.

Check out our interview with Mike where he talks about his ADE 2016 experience, Martin Garrix being crowned the #1 DJ and plenty more.

Shantanu – Firstly, how was the ADE 2016 experience? What is it that makes it a special event for any dance music personnel?

Mike Williams – ADE was amazing this year. I had my own party/meet up together with Mesto & Justin Mylo in Club ABE. It was great to see how many people loved to meet and party with us. ADE is always special, the whole dance industry is in Amsterdam that week, truly amazing.

Shantanu – How did you think ADE was going to be and now that it’s done, how was it compared to your expectations?

Mike Williams – I didn’t have any expectations, it was my first ADE as a Spinnin’ artist. I knew it would be a busy week, but I never expected this. I had so much fun, met tons of new people and I enjoyed every second. Now it is time to get some sleep, busy weeks are coming up.

Shantanu – You’ve played a number of gigs in 2016, how has the whole experience been and what are some gigs coming up in the next year, that you’re excited about?

Mike Williams – Yes it was a busy year, I played at a lot of exciting places. EDC was one of the highlights for me, but also Ziggo Dome, warming up for Tiësto was a dream coming true. I am really looking forward to my China tour upcoming month, Asia is fun!

Shantanu – How did you get into the idea of being a professional DJ? Who were some of the DJs you looked upto while you were starting out?

Mike Williams – It was never my goal to become a professional DJ. I love to make music, that’s why I started when I was young. For me it still feels like a hobby and I think it will stay like that.  At the time I started producing, DJs like Avicii, Hardwell and David Guetta became very popular, so maybe that had an influence on me.

Shantanu – A very similar young Dutch DJ to you, Martin Garrix was just crowned number one DJ in a popular poll. What are your views on him, since you’ve known him for a while, and does it feel good that younger DJs have far more recognition now?

Mike Williams – It is really cool to see how Martin developed his style and himself as a person and artist. Yes it feels good that young DJ’s get the opportunity to work on their careers at such a young age, there are a lot of young upcoming producers, especially in The Netherlands!

Shantanu – Your remix of “Blame” has 250k views on YouTube. How did it feel to get a great response to one of your early remixes and do you think your style of music has changed or developed since then?

Mike Williams – Yes, for me it was one of the first times I got recognized by a bigger audience, it was a great feeling. My style changed a bit the last years, I developed myself as a producer. But for me it feels like it all started with that remix. All the tracks I put online before that weren’t that special.

Shantanu – What kind of music do you like to listen to in your free time? And would you be willing to experiment with various genres of music?

Mike Williams – I listen to a lot of genres, I love to listen to tracks that are totally different than what I usually produce. And yes, sometimes I try to make other styles of music, but always with my own kind of Mike Williams taste!

Shantanu – Every DJ has a different style of approaching their sets. What are some of the things you try during your sets to ensure that the crowd is having a real party?

Mike Williams – I usually prepare my sets at home or in the hotel. During my set I always try to keep in contact with the crowd. I think it’s really important to keep an eye on the crowd during your set and try to adjust the music to them. Of course it feels amazing to see a really good reaction when I play my own music.

Shantanu – Finally, would you like to come down to India sometime in 2017? We would be delighted to have you!

Mike Williams – Would be really sick! I would love to play in India some day!

Connect with Mike Williams here.


Listen to his latest single – Take Me Down.

And here’s a mix specially created for this year’s edition of ADE.

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