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Have you ever got the feeling of being haunted by the thoughts coming to your mind for some unaccountable reason? That sort of unfathomable experience appears out of nowhere while listening to every new mesmerizing production of Swedish project, PANG!

The PANG! project does not retain the static flow in their productions, yet they bring out the sheen and eerie atmosphere to every piece of art they create. The mysterious duo continues their musical journey evoking unique, exquisite aura. We caught up with the duo for a really interesting chat about their latest single, ‘Cigarette’, the mystery around the PANG! project, and what ‘PANG!’ is all about! Have a read. :)

Shantanu – How did PANG! really come together? What was the thought behind starting this project?

PANG! – We’re cousins, so we’ve known each other since birth and once we found our common interest in music it felt natural to start working together. The only thought behind it from the beginning was just to make music that we enjoyed listening too.

Shantanu – PANG! talks about an independent musical world where nothing but your own rules exist. Could you elaborate on this concept?

PANG! – Electronic music and specific genres in electronic music all has their rules that you have to follow in order for people to consider it to belong and be “real”. We’ve never felt comfortable in adjusting our music into how other think music should be made or follow specific rules in order to fit in. So with a world “with nothing but our own rules” we state that the only rules in music that we follow is the rules that we set up for ourselves and don’t pay attention to how other think it should be made.

Shantanu – Have you two enjoyed the mystery surrounding PANG! so far?

PANG! – Yes, very much! We’ve always wanted the music to speak for itself and not to focus on the two guys behind it so this is perfect for us.

Shantanu – Could you tell us a little about this new track called ‘Cigarette’? How did this collaboration come about?

PANG! – Sure, we stumbled upon a video clip of Cameron Douglas singing an acoustic version of this song and really liked not only Cameron as a singer but also felt strongly about that this track had potential to be developed into a PANG! track. We got in contact with Cameron and got the parts for the track and started to work on it right away, we couldn’t be more satisfied with the result.

Shantanu – How was the experience of working with somebody whom you guys discovered on the internet? How would you guys describe the power of the internet?

PANG! – It’s not often we actually meet the singer that we work with so in that sense it’s not so much different actually. Regarding the power of the internet it’s such a powerful tool to find and connect with new talents and every time you spend some time looking for something new you always end up finding someone you’ve never heard of that you really like, it’s amazing and very fun at the same time.

Shantanu – How did it feel to get such an encouraging response to ‘Walking in the Sun’?

PANG! – We’re of course very happy with the great response we got from that single. We just thought it was a very good song at the time that we did it more than we thought of it as a hit record, but we’re really glad to see that people felt the same way as we did and listened to the track as much as they did.

Shantanu – Who are some of the independent artists you guys really admire or look upto?

PANG! – To be honest we’re very bad at looking up to other artist or find inspiration in others, we mostly just try to figure out stuff for ourselves, however a guy like Hans Zimmer is very cool.

Shantanu – Since you guys really like to experiment with musical styles, would you consider a musical style from India in one of your future tracks!?

PANG! – Absolutely! Would love to visit different parts of the world and explore different cultural music and try to intercept it into our musical world and India is definitely one of those places.

Shantanu – Who according to you guys is the biggest musical talent right now, from your home country Sweden?

PANG! – We think that PANG! is very cool ;-) (We’re our own biggest fans)

Shantanu – What can we expect from you in 2017?

PANG! – Lot’s of new music, continue in developing our graphical concept together with Faustroll Garden and the premiere of our new live show!

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