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Think you know Rave Radio? Production duo Rave Radio had an absolutely epic 2017, to say the least. Known for taking the ‘DJ Set’ stereotype and absolutely blowing it out of the water, these guys combine live drums, live sampling and live vocals with their energetic mix of some sweet bass heavy genres.

We caught up with the duo to speak about their latest single, and to know more about them.

Valarie – Welcome, James Todman & Brett Allen (aka Rave Radio). It’s a pleasure to have you here! What a name Rave Radio. How did the name come about?

Rave Radio – Yea its a bit deceiving isn’t it! We don’t play rave music and we’re not a radio station haha. We were young and thought it sounded cool and catchy. We stuck with it so have given the name its own identity.

Valarie – You’re both Australian. How did you guys meet & what made you guys decided to team up?

Rave Radio – Don’t hold it against us, we’re not all alcoholic kangaroo riding animals. We met in the most cliche way in the music industry, both studying music at SAE. I think we were the only ones into house music, the rest of the class were set on becoming the next Metalica or Arctic Monkeys.

Valarie – Your latest single “Morning Light” featuring MANBN, is a refreshing change of pace. How was the process of making the song?

Rave Radio – It’s been very refreshing to write music with emotion, that tells a story and not just sound loud synth noises for our DJ sets. This one came from us getting lost on a night drive and watching the sun come up on an all nighter. We’ve all been there so wanted to capture that feeling!

Valarie – You’re known for your bass shattering, all out Melbourne bounce sounds but you guys like to keep us guessing with your live elements during your DJ sets, what can we expect musically from you guys?

Rave Radio – Yea our live sets are always different depending on the crowd, but a lot of bass heavy stuff from Trap and Dubstep to Psy and Electro. F*ck genres, it’s all about the vibe!

Valarie – With numerous singles, an EP, a few compilation albums under your belts, is there any new material coming out? Another EP, a studio album, etc in the works?

Rave Radio – We’re still trying to establish our sound so we’ve got 3 singles all done in the pipeline, we’ll send them over as soon as they’re out! The days of an artist album are numbered with a changing music consumer market, so no plans yet for an album.

Valarie – With such a monumental career to date, what has been some of the biggest accomplishments so far?

Rave Radio – Haha we feel like we’re only getting started, but we have done alot looking back! Traveling is definitely the biggest highlight, experiencing other cultures. Eating Acai in Brazil, checking out New York’s art galleries, meeting Monk’s in a Yangon Tempel or driving around the Scottish highlands all make for a nice Instagram memory haha.

Valarie – While on tour you’ve been to many places, any special bucket list worthy places on your list?

Rave Radio – We’ve got our first full European tour in July, so ticking off alot of Europe is on the cards!

Valarie – What’s in store for 2018?

Rave Radio – Loads of new music! Everybody knows us for our live shows so this year we’re expanding on that and really pushing ourselves to write the best music we can.

Valarie – Any news you guys would like to share?

Rave Radio – We have a 9 show Asian tour we just announced! If anyone reading lives in Asia, head to our Facebook or Instagram to get the dates and come join the party!

Valarie – 5 must have travel items?

Rave Radio – iPhone (of course) , Backup USB’s (we lose them weekly) , Eye Mask (sleeping on planes is a must), Melatonin (natural sleep supplement) and our DJI Spark drone (for epic tour video shots)

Valarie – Top 5 artists you’re obsessed with.

Rave Radio – Snakehips (their new one is addictive), Sigrid (very excited to watch her career blossim), Lauv (such a beautiful voice), Alison Wonderland (doing Australia proud right now), Flight Facilities (check out their new one Need You).

Valarie – Quick answer time. Would you rather…..

Rave Radio –

a. Driver or passenger?
Drive it like its stolen!

b. Ice cream or frozen yogurt?
Cookies & Cream Ice Cream errrr day!

c. Cake or cupcake?
Chocolate Cake

d. Top bunk or bottom bunk?
Is this a metaphor for something else? haha

e. Peanut butter or Vegemite?
Peanut Butter, not all Aussies eat Vegemite

f. Aussie rules or cricket?
Aussie Rules! Brett’s been following the Bombers since a wee chap.

g. Meat pies or dim sim?

h. Sunday roast or full breakfast?
Can we have both? Roast with eggs benny?

i. Tea or flat white?
There’s literally 30+ ways to have coffee in Australia, our preferred is Espresso (i think its short black in the US and UK).

j. Lamingtons or Tim tams?
Do yourself a favor and try FROZEN Tim Tams.

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