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All the way from Prague, Czech Republic, Pavel Rido, better known as simply Rido, has been making waves in the drum and bass scene in recent years, stunning audiences with his unique blend of deep basslines and aggressive vibes. Not only a dance music producer, but an audio engineer by profession, Rido has produced countless music for films. In this way, diversifying his love for music.

We are beyond excited to hear his brand new album “Rhythm of Life” and got a chance to chat to the man about it. Read our chat below.

Azasia – Hi Pavel, How are you and where in the world are you right now?

Rido – Hi thanks I am fine. And I am in Prague now, my hometown.

Azasia – Congratulations on the news of your LP, it’s never an easy task to create one. What inspired the creation of “Rhythm of Life”?

Rido – Thanks a lot. Its been an interesting journey for me. I wanted to make an album already for some time, but only now everything worked out so I could finish it. I find most of my inspiration in other music genres or in movies. For example, the first track “Ignition” is inspired by Interstellar movie.

Azasia – I love the title of the album. How did you come up with this interesting name?

Rido – I had that on my mind for a while. There are two main reasons behind it. Firstly, music based around heavy rhythm plays a big part in my life. Secondly, The Prodigy wrote a track called “Rhythm of life” that I really like. And their music changed my life.

Azasia – Who or what has been your biggest influences for “Rhythm of Life”?

Rido – I would say that music and moments I have experienced influenced me the most. And of course people too. You could meet a stranger on the train and get into an interesting chat. And without you noticing it, it could inspire or influence you in an interesting way.

Azasia – As a sound/audio engineer plus DJ and producer, when sitting down in the studio, do you usually just play around with different sounds, building and designing and then concurrently producing the tracks or spend time just designing sounds on one day and producing the tracks on another day?

Rido – I think I do it both ways. Sometimes I am just working on the sounds – drums, bass, stabs, pads etc and then building a track from that. Or I get an idea and I start building that track from the scratch. But most of the time it starts during the sound creating. I can do a groove or a certain sound and that inspires me to build a track around it.

Azasia – Elaborating more from the previous question, of course every producer has their own sort of way in terms of writing an album. In particular what was your writing process for this album?

Rido – I wanted to make music which would reflect my view or take on the drum and bass. I was not trying to make the biggest tunes. But mainly I wanted to make an album that you could listen to in a whole and not get bored. So I tried to make each track a bit different. But still with an energy and a bit of a sound story telling.

Azasia – You produce music for films and advertisements, how has that element of your music production impacted “Rhythm of Life” or is it something totally different and separate from the dance music you produce?

Rido – Well it could be totally different, but there are definitely some similarities. I love melodies and I love energy.
For example writing music for a fairy tale was a big challenge for me.

Azasia – What message or vibe do you hope the listeners take from the album?

Rido – Well I leave that up to them. But I´ll be really happy if they find the time in these crazy busy days to listen to the whole thing. That would be awesome! :)

Azasia – Do you have an album tour planned? If so, can you please tell us a bit about that?

Rido – That is still in progress. I am doing an album launch party in Cross club in Prague and then few other shows around Europe for now. But we are still working on it. So don´t hesitate to hit my agent James from Evolution artists who is in charge if you want me to stop by! :)

Azasia – Lastly, what is your opinion in terms of bass music and what has been going in the scene so far?

Rido – Well I think that there are some great producers and great music around right now. The sound quality is really good as well. If there is one thing that I miss a little bit in drum and bass it would be breaks. More broken beats, more strange rhythms. Because I think there is much more to explore.

Azasia – Thank you so much for your time Pavel. Cheers!

Rido – Thank you too!

You can stream the album below.


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