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Styline’s back again, this time putting the Power House touch on Detlef’s “Swagon.” Bringing his chunky beats, fat basslines, and driving sound to the iconic hook and catchy track, his remix turns the swag on in a whole new way!

Check out our chat below where Styline talks about how this remix and support from Kryder.

T.H.E – What elements of the original track did you want to keep in your remix?

Styline – Definitely the hook! That hook is just so swagger, it’s unbelievable. When Detlef’s version came out, we were playing it every night here at OPIVM in Bali. It’s so catchy and cool. Once people get to know the track and it drops, it’s crazy!

Also in Miami I heard it being played a lot and that was quite nice. Detlef brought that old vocal by Soulja Boy – “Turn My Swag On” proper back, slowing it down and then making it a proper house track. I don’t know how he came up with the concept, but it worked out perfectly!

T.H.E – How’d the idea for you to rework it come about?

Styline – Funny thing – I had sent Kryder a new track featuring a vocal sample to use in Kryteria Radio, and he asked me to look for a different vocal sample to premiere it in Kryteria so he suggested a few vocals including “Swagon.” That was when I found the vocal publically available, leaked on YouTube or somewhere else on the internet probably, so I downloaded that just to try it on that initial track for Kryder, but it didn’t really work. In the moment though, finding the vocal, I knew I need to do a proper remix for it so that’s how that got started.

T.H.E – Once you decided to take it on, what did you feel you wanted to change to make it fit your sound and your vision?

Styline – I wanted to make a more pumping version, but keep it still quite tech-y. I didn’t want it to be a complete change of vibe. The people that could play the original, could play my version, because it’s still tech-y, but more driving, more upfront, fatter bassline. That’s the idea.

T.H.E – Now you’ve mentioned the good memories dropping the original in your sets, what do you feel is the difference now playing your remix live compared to the original?

Styline – The original is more grinding. They used more vocals, I pretty much only used the hook and some shouts throughout. Detlef’s original version keeps the vocal rolling and rolling, in the breakdown he kind of loses energy when the vocal goes away, he builds it up, and then it drops with the vocal again and that is quite cool and works well. I chose to use the vocal more to fill out the breakdowns compared to the drop, while he focused his energy on his drop and his breakdown takes time to build up. Obviously that is a technique used in tech house to build tension, especially right now with some guys that are quite popular like Raffa FL, between drops there may only be a drum rolls or percussion loops. To be fair though that idea is not the Power House idea – I’m focused on keeping the sound rolling, to keep it driving, keep pushing. That’s what I wanted to do with our remix and it turned out quite cool!

T.H.E – This track was another of yours premiered by Kryder on Kryteria Radio, what does his continued support mean to you?

Styline – Well Kryder was actually here in Bali the week I was working on the track. He dropped the very first version in his radio show, I made some tweaks after that, and he’s since been playing it as well during his tour here in Asia which is great. He’s super supportive of the Power House sound which is incredible to see. At the end of the day I wish there would be more people like Chris and more connections in the industry where people just genuinely support each other and their music. With my launch of Power House radio I hope I’m able to do the same and really support the artists whose music I’m really enjoying.

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