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Tony Junior is a scoundrel you gotta love. He’s a Dutch musical prodigy known for his worldwide appealing tunes. Of course it’s all about the music, but with Tony Junior you’ll get his charismatic presence as a pleasant bonus.

Recently, Tony released ‘It’s A Copy EP’ on Spinnin’ Premium. The EP is a dance floor focused package, and includes the bouncy title track and his collab with Tommie Sunshine ‘F.D.A.U’. We got in touch with Tony and spoke to him about this EP and plenty more. Read on! :)

Shantanu – Could you tell us a little about your new release ‘Its A Copy EP’?

Tony – It has a couple of club tracks in my own style! There is a collaboration with Tommie Sunshine and Maddix on there as well. The crowds I played for have been responding really well to the tracks ;)

Shantanu – How did the collab with Tommie Sunshine come along? How was it working with him?

Tony – Tommie is an amazing guy, who is already in the business for a long time! He was the one who helped me at the beginning of my career. I wanted to do something in return and askes him if he wanted to do a collab with me!

Shantanu – Which is your favorite track from the EP?

Tony – I think that’s gonna be It’s A Copy. I can really see the crowd enjoying it live during my shows!

Shantanu – More and more artists are venturing into other genres and people are appreciating this diversity in sounds. What do you make of this trend?

Tony – I think everybody is trying to find a new sound, which can be hard. I always make what I like the most and what I think sounds cool!

Shantanu – Which artist (who is from a completely different genre) would you like to collaborate with and why?

Tony – I have no idea to be honest. I would really want to work with Johnny Cash, but unfortunately he passed away…

Shantanu – What are some of your favorite tracks at the moment?

Tony – I’m listening to all kinds of stuff, but sometimes its hard to find something that fits my set to be honest. I made some new tracks that I enjoy a lot, but I will keep that a secret for now! ;)

Shantanu – What else do you have planned for 2016-17? Any particular festival or tour you’re looking forward to?

Tony – At the moment I’m in the USA for a tour. We just came back from San Diego and San Francisco and for next weekend we have shows in Atlantic City and Washington on the planning. Next month I will be traveling to Asia and the month after to South America! I’m going to work hard as usual and try to surprise my fans with some new tracks and sounds.

Shantanu – ‘Walk Away’ is an absolute banger! Are you pleased about the great response that this track is getting?

Tony – Thank you very much! Yeah its amazing to see people enjoying it, I play it in every set and it’s an amazing feeling to see people go crazy on your track!

Shantanu – Best advice that you have gotten from another DJ? And any advice that you’d want to pass on to upcoming DJ’s?

Tony – Work hard and be creative. It all starts in the studio by making new tracks and finding new sounds. Make yourself special and try to stand out by creating something new!

Shantanu – Would you like to come and play in India sometime soon?

Tony – I would love to! I’ve never been in India, but I hear everybody say it’s amazing! So to all the promoters that are reading this, book me! :P

You can check out the EP here.

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