T.H.E Interview – Irina Rimes

irina rimes interview

Already established in her native homeland & beyond, Irina Rimes international rise continues – having already achieved No1 singles, become the youngest coach of Romania’s version of The Voice – along with a HBO Max series, that follows her own unique artistic journey.

Her sights are now firmly set on conquering France, a country she fell in love with and whose language she speaks fluently – her latest single ‘Laisse Tomber les Filles’ is an electro pop cover of the classic French song, written by Serge Gainsbourg and originally performed by France Gall.

We caught up with Irina to find out a little more about the release and her plans for the future!

T.H.E – Welcome to T.H.E – Music Essentials, Irina – where can we find you in the world right now?

Irina – I am home, in Romania, but I hardly stay at home. Currently, I’m shooting for The Voice, where I’m a coach and I travel from concert to concert – but mostly you will find me in Paris, working on my new album.

T.H.E – Congratulations on your new single ‘Laisse Tomber les Filles’, when did you start planning to cover this classic song?

Irina – It was David’s idea, which I felt so close to my taste, like if it was my own idea. We did it in two or three weeks and we were very happy with the result, so we decided to release it.

T.H.E – Is this the first time you’ve worked with the respected producer, David Goldcher?

Irina – In fact, we’re a couple, so no, it’s not the first time we work together, we work together every day, but it’s the first song we release together. We have different styles: I’m more poppy with influences from other genres, and he is more comfortable in the electronic side of music. He’s a DJ and I’m a performing artist. We both write and compose music.

T.H.E – Having achieved so much in your homeland, along with on the international stage – what’s been a particular highlight so far?

Irina – The biggest thing that happened to me is being a coach for The Voice. Usually, it comes when you are an established artist and have a loyal public, so this is my biggest highlight so far.

T.H.E – Also hailed as the youngest coach of Romania’s version of The Voice, what’s that experience been like for you?

Irina – It was hard considering that I was existing in the musical business for no more than 2 years and my colleagues had, at that point, at least ten years of career in their name. I had to act like I’ve been around for the same time as them, but at some point I’ve learned and I did well afterwards.

T.H.E – Looking further ahead to the rest of ’22, any additional release plans confirmed?

Irina – I am preparing an album in French, I don’t know yet when it will be released, but we are very happy about the music we have put together and we are looking forward to releasing it. So far, it is the project that motivates me the most.

T.H.E – And finally, any other exclusive news you can share with our readers?

Irina – I don’t know how exclusive this is, but I’m preparing an international tour for spring next year and I am very excited. In the rest of my time I’ll work on new music for me and for other artists. I always felt that my main occupation is to create music, and then, to perform on stage, so I try to dedicate all my free time to that.


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