T.H.E Interview – Jack Morado

jack morado interview

We caught up with German producer, Jack Morado as he returns with his anticipated single, ‘The World Is In Your Hands’ – serving up another feel-good electronic production.

Here’s what went down:

T.H.E – Welcome Jack & thanks for joining us today! How are things going right now? 

Jack Morado – Thank you. Everything is going really well. It was an amazing Summer with an incredible vibe and on top of that my new single came out. Great feeling.

T.H.E – Let’s discuss your new single ‘The World Is In Your Hands’ – what’s the narrative behind it?

Jack Morado – The message is clear, in this fast stressful life – we should take the time out and find ourselves. Don’t waste your valuable time. ‘The World Is In Your Hands’ explores your own unique world, based on your personal wishes and priorities.

T.H.E – How long did the record take you to produce & were there any specific challenges you came across in the process?

Jack Morado – I produced the instrumentals with my friend and partner Christian Schwarz at schwarzmusik in Berlin end of last year in 2-3 days. The instrumentals were complete at that point but we still didn’t have a clear direction on the vocals. A few months ago, the vocal concept came into my mind, so we wrote the lyrics and recorded the melody, then sent it over to Dustin (Singer) to check out. He loved the track and went to his studio in New York to record the vocals you now hear. We loved the result. So all in all, the process was really smooth.

T.H.E – Boris Roodbwoy & Andrew Rai have remixed previous releases of yours, when did you first come to work with them?

Boris Roodbwoy is a great artist and remixer.  I first worked with him in 2010. I made a record for Pacha Recordings which he remixed. Since then, we’ve remained good friends and worked together on many other projects.

Now together with his production partner Andrew Rai, they always deliver an upfront & club-ready edge that works really well for my production style. Amazing Duo!

T.H.E – Tell us a little about Internoize, are you also involved with the label in some way?

Jack Morado – Yes, I am a part of Internoize. After several releases on different labels, we decided to go ahead and start our own label. The main reason was that we wanted to stay Independent in making our own music, just how we want and love it to be.

T.H.E – Looking over your journey as an artist so far, what’s been your proudest moment?

Jack Morado – Of course, there are many proud moments in an artist’s life, but last year together with my partner Christian Schwarz we produced an album that I’m particularly proud of, as Morado & Schwarz for Warner Chappell Music Production.

T.H.E – What the music scene like in your homeland Germany, right now?

Jack Morado – In Germany, they mostly listen to the same English chart music as in other countries. One of today’s most prominent and vibrant music styles in Germany is hip hop in the German language.

German-speaking music has become quite popular. We have great artists and Producers in Germany and of course, there is a huge Techno Scene, with amazing productions and DJs.

T.H.E – And finally, what’s next for Jack Morado as you look ahead?

Jack Morado – My project with my studio partner Christian Schwarz called Morado & Schwarz will be releasing new great songs this year. We already started working on new Jack Morado songs for 2020, it’s all coming together really well & so far sounding amazing – Stay tuned!

T.H.E – Thanks for dropping by Jack.

Jack Morado – Thank you for having me.



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