T.H.E Interview – Jacob Colon

jacob colon interview

Jacob Colon is surely a force to be reckoned with.

His impressive and consistent release schedule makes his hard work, drive and passion evident. His music delivers a perfect mix of his signature sound that has already conquered listeners all over the world.

Between the hard-hitting and constant stream of releases and his popular radio show ‘Made to Move’ garnering new accolades and being broadcasted on new radio global stations, Jacob Colon is surely maintaining a steady but rising success, proving himself to be an artist to follow close, as every new project he embarks upon and each new release are undoubtedly certified hit.

We invited Jacob Colon to chat with us and share with us a glimpse into the process of producing his track ‘Xylos Groove’ in collaboration with Sted-E & Hybrid Heights.

Aditya – Hi Jacob, how are things going?

Jacob Colon – I am doing well. I’ve been keeping busy in the studio as usual and working on my release schedule for the upcoming months.

Aditya – ‘Xylos Groove’ is out now, what was the inspiration behind this track?

Jacob Colon – This track actually sat for a while after putting some work in with my friends Sted-E & Hybrid Heights. They sent this track over to me as a draft and after I laid down a few elements, we were able to finalize the main idea. Then, the track was finished but sat for a bit until we were able to listen to it again and critic any last sounds.

Aditya – How did the collaboration with Sted-E & Hybrid Heights come about?

Jacob Colon – These guys are great friends of mine and I’ve had the pleasure to work with them on several other successful projects prior to this one. Like many other friendships in this industry, we started out through an interest in each other’s music and it has grown from there.

Aditya – What did you learn from working together with them?

Jacob Colon – To not overthink. As a creator, sometimes you think too deeply into perfecting a sound that it almost distracts you from the main idea you had in mind. If the sound doesn’t fit right away, then move on and keep searching for the next one.

Aditya – Did you have a different approach to production while working on this track?

Jacob Colon – I did because this song came to me with the Xylos melody already done. My approach was more about the groove and figuring out what type of rhythm fits best with the melody.

Aditya – Which elements of the track would you say are signature Jacob Colon style?

Jacob Colon – The percussion.

Aditya – What are you looking to achieve with this song?

Jacob Colon – I hope to reach new listeners with every song I make.

Aditya – How does it differ from your previous releases?

Jacob Colon – The sound sections have an island type of vibe.

Aditya – Are there any other genres or sounds you’d like to explore in the future?

Jacob Colon – I listen to a lot of Afro-beats, Hip hop, RnB, the list goes on. As I grow further into my career, I definitely want to explore other genres.

Aditya – Do you have any exciting releases coming next?

Jacob Colon – Later this month, I’ll drop some details on social media. Follow me there.


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