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jewels interview

Berlin based DJ Jewels is also set to release his debut single, ‘Ascension’ on 3rd February 2023, as part of his new collab alias – LE YORA with SOMMA, yuma, and MAGNUS.

We caught up with him to learn more about the LE YORA project, how “Ascension” came about and more.

Aditya – Hello, we’re glad to have you for this interview. Happy New Year! How was the last year for you?

Jewels – Hey guys thanks for having me! A lot happened last year, especially behind the scenes which I don’t often talk about publicly. First and foremost I put out a bunch of songs but really focused on building my new alias LE YORA with my buddies Somma, Yuma, and Magnus whom I work with on the daily. I traveled a bunch, took part in writing camps, and networked with people. Aside from that I think 2022 was a year to look at things from a different perspective and hone in on what I want to do in 2023.

Aditya – I’ve had the opportunity to listen to ‘Ascension’, debut single off your latest project LE YORA, what’s the creative process behind this?

Jewels – I’ll start by telling you why Ascension is the first song (because its got many significant factors to it). First and foremost: its the start of the LE YORA project & the launch of my own event brand / record label also called Ascension. Second, the song is our new sound which is a blend between afro house & melodic techno. And 3rd, the writing is about escaping the matrix. If you focus on the lyrics they are about taking the red pill and learning the truth about the world. In the last 8 months Ive learned so much about the music scene that I feel like Ive been awakened to how the game truthfully needs to be played if you want to be a big DJ in 2023. It seems pretty cliche but I see things from a different light than one year ago, and Ascension perfectly represents that.

The creative process actually has an odd story to it: Ascension was birthed from anger. Back in December 2021 I spent a week trying to write music and ended up being in a bad headspace from lack of writing anything decent. I think it was on a Friday night I worked so much that throughout the day on nothing decent I actually ended up being pissed off. I remember coming back from an intense training session at the gym and being inspired so I sat down and 1 hour later Ascension was born. I’m not saying the best songs come from working till your angry but sometimes its moments like these where magical things do happen if you keep persisting.

Aditya – Could you share more info about the LE YORA project?

Jewels – LE YORA is a crew of 4 DJ / producers from Berlin. 3 of us only produce / write but the 4th guy, Magnus, actually is the front singer / songwriter for all the songs we release. Think of us as a group of 4 guys with who realized they are better off working together since there is a strong connection between our music taste & goals. We all want to be big DJs (or shall I say ‘will’) and we realized working as a team will get us further than we would ever go alone. Were playing to win, so expect us to stay for a long time.

Aditya – Since LE YORA has three more members, how do y’all manage to produce music together? Considering y’all are established and touring.

Jewels – Producing music is the easy part, its one of those relationships with a friend where you both just naturally agree / get along with eachother with almost zero friction. Id say the only drawback is 2 of us are business minded and the other 2 guys are entirely creative minded. This means when it comes to important business related decisions – there is sometimes a split in opinions because we see things from different perspectives. But in my opinion this is natural and should be welcomed, I think healthy discourse often leads to greater understandings & solutions.

Aditya – LE YORA has an upcoming album, could you share more info on that?

Jewels – Our album is the main focus on this project launch, Im not gonna spill the beans yet but I will say lose your expectations because its nothing like the music ive already released. Starting with Ascension, we’ll be consistently releasing a couple singles over the course of these next months and then the album will drop early spring.

Aditya – Who are your influences and why?

Jewels – Right now my taste has completely dove underground. Id say my top 3 influences are Keinemusik, Rufus Du Sol, and Peggy Gou. Ive been heavily influenced by the electronic music being played in places like Mykonos, Tulum, Paris, St Tropez, and Ibiza. These are the places I dream of DJing at, so I guess I have a natural attraction to the afrohouse / tech house/ deep house/ melodic techno scene.

Aditya – How long have you been producing, and how did you begin?

Jewels – Actually 2023 marks my 6th year since I downloaded FL Studio / have been proucing. I started back in middle school after being inspired seeing Martin Garrix close Ultra Miami 2016. Its sort of odd to think about how the music & artists I was inspired by at the beginning have no resemblance / inspiration on the path im currently going as an artist. My taste changes over time in unexpected ways, and theres nothing I can do but surrender to it.

Aditya – What are you personal plans for 2023?

Jewels – Since I spent the last 6 months working behind the scenes on LE YORA & Jewels, im approaching this year with a new strategy. Im not gonna tell you guys my whole plan but this year is gonna be entirely focused on building the platform & brand I need to shoot myself to the next level. This will start with LE YORA in a few weeks and then I will be consistently releasing Jewels records from there on.

Aditya – Any tips you’d like to share for the begineers?

Jewels – If you want to be clear on exactly what you want to do – theres a famous graph that describes the amount of time you spend messing around will be equal to the amount of time you spend finding out. Therefore do what I did and just mess around with no limits or direction and you will eventually discover what you like and dislike. Its not the only way of figuring out your ikigai but it does work very effectively.

Aditya – Lastly, Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi, and why?

Jewels – Haha okay, anything fighting related I will watch – but football, and all the other sports like it bore me. So I dont feel qualified to choose between Messi or Ronaldo. But I flipped a coin and it landed on tails, so Messi it is haha.


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