T.H.E Interview – Julian Jordan

interview julian jordan

From one-to-watch to the leader of the pack, Julian Jordan’s rapid ascent through the dance music world has been something to behold, but not surprising.

Anyone who has followed him, knows that behind a slew of successful releases and tours, lays a person who works incredibly hard.

“Thank you! Super busy these weeks touring, making music and doing radio and TV interviews for “To The Wire”, but I’m still full of energy and currently writing this while packing my bag for a festival in Spain tomorrow haha,” he replies, when I ask him about what he has been up to.

Julian is not beholden to tired formulas or doesn’t always end up following the latest trend. He instead paves the way for newer ideas.

Touching upon 2019, and his releases so far this year and how fans have responded to those, Julian says:

“Yes it really feels like I’ve been showing the world the “next level Julian” this year, but I can tell you this is only the beginning! So much new music is waiting to be released and I’m really happy about that! The reaction I get from my fans on everything I do these days is so amazing, I really feel blessed with such amazing fans. They write me something positive or tell me how my track made their day – that’s such a great feeling!”

Having made his name with a slew of anthems on scene-leading labels like Spinnin’ Records, DOORN records and Revealed recordings, he has now officially joined the STMPD RCRDS family and is a constant part of Martin Garrix’s label.

“STMPD RCRDS is my family! I´ve been working with these people for a long time now and it really feels like a great home for my music and vision. The amount of energy they put into making every single a success is so inspiring! I really feel at home at STMPD and when I’m not touring you can find me in their studios a lot!”

An asset to STMPD RCRDS, Julian been paving his own way with innovative rhythms, atypical riffs, and endlessly inventive production.

His advice to aspiring producers is simple, “Always try to create the music you want to create and don’t care too much about what other people say about your music. If it’s something that you are proud of that’s the only thing that matters, because you created it.”

When asked about his latest single, and how it’s a shift from his previous big-room sound, Julian replies, “It is! But it´s all part of the next level things I’m going to do this year. I love club and festival track, but producing a track like this feels amazing as well. My fans are the best for letting me stay creative and expanding my horizon!”

Having just signed to STMPD, Julian released a collaboration with Garrix of anthemic proportions – Glitch. When asked on the chances of working together again, Julian reflects,

“We are always working on music together! We both have to think ´wowowowowow´ of a production before we consider releasing it though haha! But you never know when that is going to happen again! We share a lot of time in the studio together, so maybe soon!”

Outside of music production and DJing, he has also dipped into the world of fashion, launching his own capsule collection with Chasin‘ to great acclaim.

“I´ve always been interested in fashion and I really wanted to add that to my career as well. I thought about designing clothes that I would wear myself, made from the best materials with limited stock. We´ve been working on the designs and materials for over 6 months and I was so happy when it finally came out! I think that there are still some pieces available on the website haha!”

A key aspect of Julian’s ascent has been social media, and it’s something that he takes quite seriously. Apart from using it well to build his own brand, he also spends a lot of time on it.

“I have to say Instagram!” Julian claims when asked about his favourite social media platform. “I follow a lot of meme pages, those keep me busy every day haha! I also love that you can see what other DJs are doing or you can take a look into the life of your favourite celebs!”

Julian has always shown great diversity with his STMPD releases, covering peak-time anthems and electronic pop, and a major reason for that has been collaborations. While he has collaborated with some big artists within the electronic music, it’s interesting to hear who he considers as ideal choices, outside the electronic music scene.

“Pharrell Williams, Billie Eilish, Future, Post Malone and The War On Drugs” Julian shares.

Maybe one day, those collaborations will materialize, and we certainly wish him good luck with it, not that he needs it anytime soon.


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