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julien earle interview

Julien Earle has made a name for himself as a talented techno producer, and he recently launched a new tech house alias called r3flection.

His techno tracks have been released by the likes of UMEK’s 1605 and Pleasurekraft’s Kraftek, but so far, he has decided to keep r3flection releases exclusive to his own label Reflection.

Many also know Julien Earle for his popular YouTube channel with nearly 80,000 followers, which is dedicated to giving electronic music production tutorials.

Keen to learn more about his new r3flection alias and background in music, we invited Julien Earle for this interview…

Aditya – Hi Julien, it’s great to be talking with you. Can you start by telling us where you are currently based, and explaining what the local club scene is like at the moment?

Julien Earle – Thanks for having me! I live in Los Angeles where the local club scene is quite diverse so if you look hard enough there is pretty much a scene for almost anything you want, and if there isn’t, then you can make it for yourself. Currently, I’m working on bringing my own ‘r3flection’ rave back to the East Coast in my home state of Virginia, because out there it’s not nearly as diverse, and pretty soon I’m going to change that.

Aditya – When did you first discover electronic music, and what was it that made you connect with it?

Julien Earle – I first went down the rabbit hole in my first or second year of high school, back then it was peak of the dubstep days. At that time, I always said for American kids (such as myself) there were two reasons someone got into electronic music… either because they loved the heavy dubstep of people like Skrillex or you connected with the more emotional but still electronic sound of Deadmau5. I was definitely in the first camp, and I think it was an important time, because dubstep is so different from four on the floor.

A lot of American people (myself included) got into electronic music through dubstep, then work their way back, and discovered more traditional styles like house and techno. In this sense, a lot of the American techno festivals should all be paying like 5% to Skrillex hahaha.

From Skrillex, I went deeper to discover more underground dubstep from the likes of Skream, Mala and Benga. Those artists lead me to labels like Deep Medi plus Hyperdub and all that stuff, but I still wasn’t listening to house music at this point. As I discovered more, I eventually started loving all electronic music, and heard beauty in all its various forms.

Aditya – You are well known for running a production tips and tricks channel on YouTube, when did you start producing, and what made you decide to try and help others?

Julien Earle – I started producing my own tracks around 2013, and my early tracks were very dubstep focused. The YouTube channel was inspired by a few different things… for example, I remember first hearing Burial’s music, and googling “how to make Burial drums”. At that time, a lot of that stuff hadn’t been broken down yet, and back then, a lot of artists didn’t openly share their secrets. I spent a few years experimenting, and started to work out what some of those guys were doing.

I’m a firm believer in education that isn’t part of the standard school system, and I wanted to share the knowledge I’d discovered, as I knew others would also be trying to make music of this style. Personally, I think the traditional education system can takeaway people’s confidence and self-esteem if they don’t naturally do well, and I know there are a lot of creatives out there who find their confidence through making music. So, I wanted to help those people, and use my YouTube channel to connect with other likeminded people.

Aditya – Many people already know the techno tracks you have released on UMEK’s 1605, what other labels have you worked with?

Julien Earle – I’ve worked with a ton of labels including Pleasurekraft’s Kraftek, and I also did a few remixes for Martin Garrix’s STMPD RCRDS, IAMTECHNO, and The YellowHeads’ Reload. Moving forward, I’m pretty focused on my new r3flection alias, and want to treat that just the same as when I’m releasing on these big labels, which means highest quality music with good mixdowns and mastering. I also want to do professional promotion and stylish artwork so each release is the full package.

Aditya – On your YouTube channel, you make videos that help people produce many different genres, and I wanted to know more about your personal taste, which styles do you like listening to?

Julien Earle – I listen to so much, but lately it’s a ton of hip hop and rock stuff. It’s important to not focus on only one music style, as that’s when music start to become a bit formulaic. You can take elements you like from other genres, and try to fuse those with electronic music, as that’s the best way to keep your style fresh. I love pop too, and like really good hooks that are strong enough to work in multiple styles. Techno is pretty underground and dark, but the best tracks all have a great hook.

Aditya – Talking of other music styles, I understand you recently launched a new alias called r3flection, and I wanted to learn more about this project?

Julien Earle – My r3flection project has so far released two tracks ‘Som3where Else’ and ‘Fix My H3art’ which both represent a new sound I’m calling ‘808 house’. I want the project to be the perfect representation of all the lessons I’ve learned, and combine elements from different styles of electronic music I enjoy. It’s important that I don’t have to compromise on my ideas, and present the music the way I feel music should be pushed.

Aditya – Could you tell us about your next r3flection release, as I understand you have recently dropped a track called “Som3where Else”?

Julien Earle – Som3where Else is out now, and I hope everyone reading this will take a listen. The next release is a house track that experiments with some rave and techno elements. Ultimately, each release intends to blur the lines between genres, as that is a r3flection of everything I love. I think this is the best approach, rather than trying to just be Mr Techno or Mr House…

Aditya – What else do you have planned for the next few months?

Julien Earle – I’m going to be working my ass off! More r3flection tracks, more Julien Earle tracks, and a few releases on different labels. I’ve also got a secret band that I haven’t revealed to the electronic world yet… so, I’ve got loads keeping my busy, and I can’t wait for the world to hear my new music! I’ll also be going to Virginia in the next few months so I can bring my r3flection rav3 to life.

Aditya – Thanks for taking the time to chat, is there anything else you would like to add before we finish?

Julien Earle – Thanks for having me! 2022 is going to be a massive year for me, and this is only the beginning, so stay tuned, as I’m going to be keeping everyone up all night 😊


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