T.H.E Interview – KDYN

kdyn interview

KDYN talks to us about his latest EP – Elevate, his favourite DAW and more.

KDYN Interview

Aditya – Hey KDYN! Glad to have you for the interview. How’s 2021 been for you so far?

KDYN – It’s been quite the ride for sure! Excited to be getting back out now that restrictions have been relieved here

Aditya – Firstly, how old are you, and how long have you been producing?

KDYN – I’m 16, and I’ve been producing for around three and a half years.

Aditya – Your latest EP, ‘Elevate,’ sounds wonderful. It’s sublime & energetic. Could you share the creative process of the EP?

KDYN – Thank you for the kind words! The process was initially quite peaceful as I didn’t set out to create an EP. I am glad it has come together how it has. The inspiration behind the tracks was mostly frustration with falling out of love for my own music and the heavier tracks I was working on before. I wanted to make something more meaningful for a change. Elevate is the name I chose as I feel like this project combines what I did before and what I want to do now into something that can take you further from what you might have heard previously.

Aditya – Among all the tracks in the EP, which is your favorite and why?

KDYN – Hmmm, this is a tough question. I love all the tracks equally, but if I had to pick one, it would probably be “Rhythm” because of the Garage Influences with the vocals.

Aditya – Growing up in the Gen-Z period, how do you consume music?

KDYN – Spotify and Soundcloud are great. I am constantly finding lots of older hidden gems on Youtube as well.

Aditya – Which DAW do you use and why?

KDYN – I use Ableton 11 and FL Studio 20!

Aditya – Do you play any instruments? If not, which instruments do you wish to master?

KDYN – I’m learning piano, and I would love to play guitar better as well – I don’t have any traditional music theory knowledge, so everything has mostly been by ear up until now. I have recently started learning music theory.

Aditya – At such a young age, you’re supported by giants such as Hardwell, BBC, Rinse.fm, and more. How do you feel about that?

KDYN – I appreciate everyone’s support! It’s inspired me a lot to continue making music as well – I want to especially thank DJ Q and Abbie Mcarthy for supporting me since I started. Their radio support has kept me motivated, which I am really appreciative of.

Aditya – Who are your influences?

KDYN – MK, Flava D, Disclosure, DJ Q, Roska, Wookie & MJ Cole are all great electronic artists I’ve been listening to forever.

Aditya – Lastly, what should the fans expect from you in 2022?

KDYN – Hopefully, something more musically refined, but I am hopeful when saying that. I’ve put a lot of different styles of music out this year already. I am excited to start releasing again next year.


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