T.H.E Interview – Klingande

Klingande interview

Klingande recently dropped his brand-new single ‘Sinner’, with British artist Stevie Appleton.

His third single release of 2019, ‘Sinner’ locks in Klingande’s trademark laidback sound, with sparse guitar strings and an infectious beat underpinning Appleton’s soaring vocal.

The French artist’s highly-anticipated debut album ‘The Album’ is due this fall, and ‘Sinner’ is a just a glimpse of what fans can expect.

Check out our interview with Klingande as he discusses his debut album, how it came about, the story behind the name, and what his touring plans are.

Akshay – Hey Cedric! Welcome to T.H.E – Music Essentials. How have you been?

Klingande – Hey!! Thanks for having me, I’m great, it’s the middle of the summer, festival season and just about to go to Tomorrowland for the 6th year in a row!

Akshay – We have been big fans of what you have dropped this year, tracks like “Sinner”, “Ready For Love” and “By The River”. You seem like a man on a mission. Did you jot down a clear plan of action when you started off the year, as to what you want to achieve?

Klingande – Yes actually, I started working on all this in January 2018. I spent last year working on music, writing with the people I love, and with my team, we wanted to completely change things this year. I usually release one or two single per year, this year it will be a lot more, with 3 songs already out in 3 months, one in August, one in September and the rest of the album in October. I’ll release a total of 9 or 10 exclusive songs this year. I’m doing it for the people who are following me, craving for new music, and because I want this to be a special year.

Akshay – These 3 singles will also be a part of your upcoming album – The Album. First off, what made you decide on naming it, “The Album”?

Klingande – We were discussing with my team, and at some point, we decided to not give it a random name or a track name. I’m talking about this album since years now, I always wanted to do one, and I don’t know if I’ll do a lot of albums, so it was pretty natural to name it The Album, as the first, like a big compilation of my tracks.

Akshay – This is your debut album. Why did you feel now is the right time to release it?

Klingande – It’s not because it’s the right time, it’s because I took the time to do it. I always wanted to but I was touring too much to spend enough time in the studio. And I’m really picky about my songs, so I need a lot of time. That’s why last year we decided with my manager to take some time off the road and spend more time at home or in the studio, to put this album together finally.

Akshay – The format of the album is quite interesting. It has 2 sides, CD1 with the new productions, and CD2 with your previous hits. How and why did you plan it this way?

Klingande – As it’s my first one, I was scratching my head at the beginning, which songs should I put into it, and which one I shouldn’t. In the end, I said ok let’s do an album with all new originals, and this CD2 or Face B call it as you want, will be the compilation of my previous songs all in one tracklist. I think it makes perfect sense for people who loved it to have it all together.

Akshay – Your new productions have been in the works since?

Klingande – Started in April 2018 in London, with the first writing camp of the project. We wrote ‘By The River’ and some other songs over there.

Akshay – You’ve completed the North American and European legs of the ‘The Intimate Tour’. How were they? Did you play any of the new productions? How did fans react to those?

Klingande – It was amazing, I loved the vibe during this tour. In small venues, with proper stages and a very different atmosphere than clubs or festivals. New York and San Francisco were very special to me, I have a great public over there, Paris of course, at home, was fantastic for my birthday. I played new songs and some unreleased and the reaction was absolutely terrific. I remember playing ‘Sinner’ at the end of the show in Paris, more than 1 month before the release, and people going crazy on it, I loved that feeling!

Akshay – As a DJ, what is the most important thing for you to consider when you plan a set?

Klingande – I always think about the audience I’ll have in front of me, in which country, city, in which festival I am. Also always have a look at who is playing your stage, if you are in a festival. I take all of this into consideration, even if it’s more and easier for me as I have more and more of my own songs now.

Akshay – What does the upcoming festival season hold for you?

Klingande – I don’t know yet, I’ll spend more time in Europe, between France, Italy, Germany, and Belgium. I’m always really excited about festivals like Airbeat One or Tomorrowland. I also recently played the Montreux Jazz Festival for the first time in Switzerland and I have a really great time!

Akshay – Thanks, man! Can’t wait for the album to be out. 

Klingande – Thank you!!


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