T.H.E Interview – Lady Bee


She’s the voice behind the music, one of Amsterdam’s favorite homegrown artists, and a constant presence on the international touring circuit; over the past decade Lady Bee has more than earned her status as leading lady of the global bass and moombahton scene.

Read our chat with her, as she discusses her latest single on Oliver Heldens’ Heldeep Records, and her favourite festival performances of 2019.

T.H.E – Hey! Welcome to T.H.E – Music Essentials. How has 2019 been for you, and what would be some of your top highlights this year?

Lady Bee – 2019 has been great! After a relaxed start, the rest of the year has been crazy with many highlights, such as singing with my new management. I feel like I finally found the right people to surround myself with. Moreover, I got so much support from other artists on my new tracks and I’ve been turning the tables at cool festivals like Open Air and the Maddecent stage Mysteryland. To top things off, I will close the main stage at Valhalla festival later this year. So yeah, 2019 was dope! 

T.H.E – Love your new track on Heldeep Records, “Mess”. How long was it in the works, and did you get a chance to play it during the summer tours? How did the crowd react to it?

Lady Bee – I believe it took me about three months to get the track all radio-ready. However, I’ve been testing the track at different stages over the summer. The first version was actually with the vocals of KID CUDI’s ‘Day and Night’. The crowds loved it so much that we decided to make it a Lady Bee original, so I added the beautiful vocals of Amy Miyu and I’m very proud of the results :). 

T.H.E – You’re renowned to have great energy behind the decks. Do you feel as a DJ, that’s the most important thing while playing?
Lady Bee – I think energy has a lot to do with music. As a DJ you can transfer your energy to the crowd, so I definitely think it helps if you feel comfortable and you enjoy being on stage. However, I think that reading a crowd is the most important thing to do. You can feel it when people want to start easy or if they are already ready to peak. So I think that reading a crowd is even more important than a DJs energy behind the decks. 
T.H.E – Which were your favourite performances this year?
Lady Bee – That would definitely be 2 festival shows; Open Air and Mysteryland.
T.H.E – Do you prefer club nights or festival performances, and why?
Lady Bee – Oehh, tough question… I really love both haha! I can’t choose… I just love to play for any type of house crowd. 
T.H.E – Lastly, we are sure you must have begun planning for 2020. What does that look like?
Lady Bee – In January I’ve got a release called “Roll It” on Sweat it out, in February I’ll have another Mixmash release and in March I’ve got a big, big radio proof release that is coming out on Mad Decent. So a lot of music and I hope to see you all soon in Miami during Music Week :).”


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