T.H.E Interview – Laidback Luke

laidback luke interview

From his origins in the house and techno underground through to his current more eclectic style, Laidback Luke has always been a leading light in music of present day as well as the future.

Dutch hero Laidback Luke is enjoying a hugely varied and consistently noteworthy career in the game. With a reputation as a serious talent spotter and for being one of the nicest guys around, he has built himself a mightily impressive musical empire that has touched the highest reaches of the music industry.

We caught up with Lucas to speak about his new collaboration with Unity, his top moments of 2019 and more. Read on!

T.H.E – Hey Lucas! Welcome to T.H.E – Music Essentials. How has 2019 been for you overall?

Laidback Luke – Hi guys, thank you for having me. 2019 has been very busy and different but absolutely manageable. It always surprises me how the years keep varying!

T.H.E – If you had to share your top moments from 2019, what would they be?

Laidback Luke – My absolute top moment was the honor to do an official remix for Avicii – “S.O.S.” It’s incredible how I’m included in his legacy and I couldn’t be more proud.

T.H.E – You’re closing out 2019 with “Make That Thang Go”, with Unity. How was it working with him?

Laidback Luke – It was a long-distance collaboration, but a very smooth one! Team Unity had made a really good track, which I thought I could take to a higher level. When handing in my version of it, the team actually was very quick to approve! It was a very fast and seamless collab.

T.H.E – Given that you have so much experience, how do you go about collaborating with emerging artists?

Laidback Luke – Because we have our artists worldwide, it’s easiest to do it online. We send each other sketches or setups and then develop it from there. Unity is a Mixmash Family member, he’s exclusively signed to us, so the doors are wide open for me to hop onto a collaboration.

T.H.E – What are your goals for 2020?

Laidback Luke – To release a ton of music! I’ve been getting my producer fire back in 2019 and I’ve been making a lot of tracks again! My personal release schedule is already filled up until summer 2020. Coming year I’d want everyone to know that I’ve been very busy making music behind the scenes!


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