T.H.E Interview – Leandro Da Silva

leandro da silva interview

Leandro Da Silva has been a tenacious force on the electronic music circuit for a commendable number of years, known for his groove-inducing rhythms and driving beats.

Hot on the heels of his #9 placement in 1001Tracklists’ Top 101 Producers chart, the Italo Brazilian sensation joins forces with Matt Kerley and Rion S for his new single “Breathe”, adding another energetic house anthem to his prolific discography.

We caught up with Leandro, to understand his thoughts on 2020 as a whole, and which artists he looks up to.

T.H.E – Hey Leandro! Welcome to T.H.E – Music Essentials. How would you summarise 2020, given what has transpired this year, making it an extremely difficult year for artists?

Leandro Da Silva – Hi T.H.E – Music Essentials! It has been a very tough year, we’ll all remember 2020! I have been living through these months trying to keep high and positive energy so as not to fall behind. I’ve invested more in my career than ever before, so that when everything returns to normal (a new normal), hopefully, I’ll be in pole position. I have had more time to experiment, after all, to create a new sound and I am very excited about all the music that will be released in 2021, I hope it will be a year of rebirth!

T.H.E – Some of your productions this year have been truly amazing! How did your production process change with the increased studio time?

Leandro Da Silva – Having more time to work on my music in the studio, I was able to experiment more and find new directions for my sound, to try paths not yet tested. Doing that, I had the chance to release on labels different than usual, such as NYX-Future House Music and Altra Moda.

T.H.E – You also landed on the #9 spot, in the 1001Tracklists, Top 101 Producers for 2020. That’s truly impressive! It must be surreal to have some of the best DJs in the world support your productions?

Leandro Da Silva – If I look at the top ten, I still can’t quite believe that my name is among such great artists! I’ve worked hard in the studio all year and the tracks that came out have been supported by my colleagues who liked and played them. You see the supports over the year, you try to calculate the total but you don’t think you will place that high!

T.H.E – Which artists amongst these have you constantly looked up to?

Leandro Da Silva – I really appreciate the work of David Guetta and Tiësto, they have always known how to renew themselves over the years. They have been able to consistently change their sound and today they are still there, at the top of the dance music world.

T.H.E – Lastly, what are you looking forward to, especially with your plans for 2021?

Leandro Da Silva – I can’t way to be back traveling again, playing for the people, and restoring everything that was left unfinished from 2019!




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