T.H.E Interview – Lost Frequencies

Lost Frequencies Interview

Felix De Laet, better known by his moniker Lost Frequencies, has soared to success in the international music industry on many levels. Releasing his global smash hit ‘Are You With Me’ back in 2014 and quickly cementing himself as a name to watch, the track rapidly ascended by hitting multi-platinum status and taking the #1 spot in 18 countries.

Lost Frequencies spoke to us at AMF 2018 this year, about releasing a new album in 2019, preferring more of a live setup in addition to DJing, and why he would like to collaborate with Don Diablo.

T.H.E – What got you into music production?

Lost Frequencies – I was a really big fan of electronic music when I was younger. I was listening to a lot of it, to artists such as Avicii, Afrojack, and Laidback Luke. All these guys were really hitting the charts and everything. It was really like my time where I completely emerged in electronic music and then I got my computer. I got more into it, specifically the deep house kind of vibe, more melodic. And that’s what I’ve been trying to produce for the last 3 years. Then I started to make my Lost Frequencies project with a lot of remixes of old stuff and original stuff then here I am, at the AMF 2018 so it’s a pretty crazy ride.

T.H.E – How did the name Lost Frequencies come about?

Lost Frequencies – So I was making remixes of old tracks that I used to listen to but not anymore. And so I take those old tracks again to make a remix for the club. And those lost tracks are the lost frequencies.

T.H.E – Oh, that’s very interesting! Recently, your track “Are You With Me” actually went “Diamond” in Germany.

Lost Frequencies – Yes.

T.H.E – And that track has seen so much success globally.

Lost Frequencies – Yes.

T.H.E – After that, whenever you get into the studio, how much pressure are you actually under to deliver a track which sort of matches the same kind of success and expectations that came with the previous singles?

Lost Frequencies – I don’t really have pressure; I’m just trying to make music that I like. Like, for example, I’m going to release an album in early 2019.

T.H.E – Wow, that’s very cool.

Lost Frequencies – Thanks. And, compared to my first album, this one is way more electronic sounding because that’s the mood I am in right now. Like more electronically sounding, that’s the way I play also in my sets. So I’m actually making music that I like and it happens to be music that a lot of people actually listen to so I’m really thankful.

T.H.E – Specifically speaking about DJing now, compared to a lot of other artists, your set up seems to have much more of a “live performance” kind of theme to it. Is that something that you want to establish for yourself?

Lost Frequencies – So I was DJing for the last 2 and half years, 2 years. And at some point, I wanted to do something different. Something more engaging, something also more in an artistic way. Even though I love DJing, I wanted to meet new challenges. And then I built a whole live show with a whole team. It was a lot of work but I learned a lot when I was working with these guys because it’s a different perspective altogether. And everything was great! Then we did the live show at Tomorrowland this year.

T.H.E – Yeah.

Lost Frequencies – And it was one of my favorite moments of the whole year.

T.H.E – Considering you’ve seen so much success already, which moment is considered to be the most decisive in your artistic career?

Lost Frequencies – The moment my first single – “Are You With Me”, got signed. Yeah, I think, that changed everything!

T.H.E – And apart from that?

Lost Frequencies – And apart from that? When “Reality”, my second single really had a good start and hit charts again. Then it was like “ok, I’m not a one-hit wonder”. And this is something I can work on. We can let the projects roll because there were a lot of guys in the deep house scene, who had one hit and they couldn’t match the same kind of quality again and hence left the scene. So I was really afraid of that after “Are You With Me” received a lot of positive feedback, but then “Reality” came in and kicked off in a similar manner so it was like a nice confirmation for me.

T.H.E – Pretty Impressive stuff.

Lost Frequencies – Yeah.

T.H.E – Lastly, name one artist in the industry that you would like to collaborate with but you haven’t?

Lost Frequencies – With Don Diablo.

T.H.E – Why?

Lost Frequencies – Because the guy’s very nice and he’s so involved in everything. Plus, I know him well, I guess. It would be nice to be with him in the studio and talk about music because I really love the guy.

T.H.E – Fingers crossed, I hope that happens.

Lost Frequencies – Thank you, man!



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