T.H.E Interview – Lost Stories & Zaeden

Lost Stories & Zaeden interview

Two of India’s biggest electronic DJ/producers, Lost Stories and Zaeden, recently teamed up for the very first time to deliver a stunning new single ‘Uncomplicated’.

This collaboration between two of the country’s most popular EDM artists has been long overdue, and was the perfect way for them to close out 2018 on the back of an impactful year, both in terms of touring and production.

We caught up with both, Lost Stories & Zaeden as they reflect on 2018, creating ‘Uncomplicated’ and loads more. Read our chat below!

T.H.E – Hey guys! Welcome to T.H.E – Music Essentials. How has 2018 been for you?

Lost Stories – Thanks for having us. 2018 was great in terms of music. Had some amazing releases like Faking It, Uncomplicated, Reveal Yourself and of course the Bombay Electric EP. Played some amazing shows in India & Europe. Playing at Tomorrowland for the 3rd time was definitely the highlight.

Zaeden – 2018 was amazing. It was challenging yet exciting. So many memories, so many learning’s, too many flights and way too many beers.

T.H.E – Love your new collaboration – ‘Uncomplicated’. How long has it been in the works?

Lost Stories – Thank you. ‘Uncomplicated’ didn’t take much time to finish but a Lost Stories x Zaeden collaboration was long overdue. In 2018 we found a perfect opportunity to sit down and sit and produce it.

Zaeden – To be honest, Rishab and I finished the instrumental in about 3-4 hours. Post that we sent the instrumental to Matthew who was quick enough to send over his vocals in a week. Also releasing the song didn’t take a lot of time as we weren’t dependent on any label. Uncomplicated was an independent release and we’re so happy seeing everyone loving the song so much.

T.H.E – What can you tell us about your new record and what it means to you? Does it have any sentimental value/meaning?

Lost Stories – This one is one of the closest tracks to us. It captures the entire Europe trip vibe which we had going. Attending the festival with our closest friends, being a part of the close Tomorrowland family with Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, KSHMR and of course Tiesto. It’s really special.

Zaeden – Uncomplicated will always be special as firstly, it’s my first collaboration with lost stories who I’ve always wanted to work with. I have really high regard for Rishab and Prayag as producers. They’re someone I look up to. Secondly, since Uncomplicated was made keeping Tomorrowland in mind and was also played by us for the first time there, it brings back all the memories from the festival. Instant flashback whenever it’s played.

T.H.E – Walk us through the production process. What was your favourite element and did you do anything different in comparison to your previous releases?

Lost Stories – Most of the Lost Stories tracks are different from each other and Uncomplicated was no different. My favourite part is a guitar riff Sahil played in the beginning and the whistle melody. The vocals are also really amazing. I think Matthew did a great job.

Zaeden – Talking about the instrumentals we wanted to make something that sounds anthemic for Tomorrowland but could also be played on the radio. We decided to start off the song with the guitar. I messed around and came up with the existing riff and Rishab really liked it. He gave the guitar this tone that made it sound kinda vintage and really different. Once we had the riff we just kept adding elements like the snaps, whistle and gave the build up a nice compelling groove that complimented the vocals. Creatively, I think Rishab and I found a great balance where both of us knew what the other person is good at and gave each other freedom to explore. That’s exactly why I think why we were able to do something fresh.

The element that I love the most has to be the whistle we used. I feel it’s super catchy and sticks to your head with the melody written over it.

Just the fact that ‘Uncomplicated’ is a collaboration and we made sure it has both, mine and Lost Stories’ sound, it automatically makes the song diff from my other releases.

T.H.E – What was the best thing about working with each other on the track?

Lost Stories – Most of the studio sessions are a riot. Ideas are always flying across. Our musical tastes are very different but somehow both of us know exactly what to deliver in a particular moment.

Zaeden – Finally getting to work with each other was itself the best thing. Other than that, finishing Rishab’s stock of beer in a day was definitely the highlight for me. ?

T.H.E – It is clear you’ve successfully managed to ensure that the track features the signature styles of both of you. How did you manage that?

Lost Stories – I guess the process of writing this track heavily contributed to adding our individuality to it. It was super organic. Zaeden likes to achieve a certain pop vibe while working on a track and I like to make sure the breaks are emotional, and the drop is energetic. We ended up achieving a good balance of both our styles by the end of it.

Zaeden – I think Lost Stories and I found a great balance where both of us knew what the other person is good at and gave each other freedom to explore. That’s exactly why I think why we were able to do something fresh and feature both our styles.

T.H.E – You have spent quite some time together, mostly touring and this being your first collaboration. What finally prompted you to produce together, and release a track?

Lost Stories – I guess the Budweiser campaign really made sure we get into the studio and get cracking.

Zaeden – I would say the opportunity to play something of our own at a stage like Tomorrowland really put us in the studio together after years of knowing each other and appreciating each other’s music. Also, our manager Aayushman made an awesome release plan for us to put out Uncomplicated independently.

T.H.E – Playing a B2B set at Tomorrowland this year must have been incredible. How was it and what special observations stood out to you?

Lost Stories – It was the third time for us but first time as a B2B. We didn’t expect such an amazing turn out at 12 PM in the morning as we were just opening the stage, but it was incredible. One thing we noticed is Tiesto has really big hands.

Zaeden – Lost Stories and I opened the main stage 2 (Musical Freedom Stage) and it was so special to see people coming in so early. There were so many Indian flags right in front of us and the people there really made us feel at home.

T.H.E – What are your thoughts on the dance music scene in India, and why artists are doing extremely well at the moment?

Lost Stories – It’s doing great cause I think everyone has taken the rule book and thrown it out of the window. Everyone is just doing what they feel is right and that has led to some amazing acts coming out of India.

Zaeden – With so many international festivals and DJs making their way to India, the dance music scene here is blowing up. Indian artists are getting recognition from top labels and DJs. Seeing DJs from India doing well, Indian parents have also started accepting this as a career and started supporting their children to follow their passion for music. Plus, a lot of music schools like LS academy have opened up in India that focus on giving aspiring DJs and producers the knowledge they need. The dance music scene in India is a proper movement.

T.H.E – What are your plans for 2019, in terms of touring and production?

Lost Stories – Definitely take more naps while we can in 2019.

Zaeden – In 2019 I plan to focus more on my singing, so I’ll definitely be going to live once the new music is out. I’m working on new visuals and different stage setup as well. We’re also working on tours around releases and it’s gonna be very exciting. Can’t wait to hit the road again after a little break in Jan.


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