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Revered French electronica duo Lumberjack touches back down, following on from the heavyweight success of their remix on DJ Snake’s cut ‘Magenta Riddim’ – which picked up support from the likes of Axwell & Ingrosso, David Guetta, Tiesto, Hardwell, Diplo & many more. 

A new chapter begins with the signing of their new track ‘Forever’ with Hreez, to Don Diablo’s internationally acclaimed Hexagon/Spinnin’ label imprint. First premiered at Tomorrowland & signaling a beautiful opportunity, ‘Forever’ is an atmospheric masterpiece, with smooth synths dominating & much of the trademark Lumberjack sound.

Catch our chat with the duo where we speak about working with Hreez on Forever, and loads more.

T.H.E – Hey guys! Welcome to T.H.E Music Essentials. How has the summer been for you?

Lumberjack – Hey!

Thanks for inviting us!

Yeah, our summer was really incredible! Started with the Spring Break in Croatia with artists like Sam Feldt or Jay Hardway, playing in some French festival and two tours in China, and finishing it next week at the Techno Parade in Paris in front of 500k persons and the week after at Pacha Ibiza for the first time! It was really cool to feel the vibe in those different part of the world.

T.H.E – Your remix of DJ Snake’s ‘Magenta Riddim’ definitely lit up dance-floors across the globe with artists like Hardwell & Tiesto playing it. How did you guys react to receiving such massive support from some of the biggest names in the industry?

Lumberjack – For us, it was really crazy! In the beginning was just a joke like was usually done when we love a track… Usually, we have a little competition between us to make the best edit of a new promo that we receive but for this one, we directly start to make a remix in 2 hours, really late and we decided to send it to our promo mail. But the reaction was totally HUGE! Hardwell premiered it directly few hours after we send him and all the big names played it. It was unbelievable for us because it’s just started as a joke but all the feedback had a good reaction to it! One of the biggest shocks was when Axwell Ingrosso send us a message to have a copy and directly played it 1 hour after in Amsterdam at Heineken Arena, we were like WTF?!

T.H.E – Coming to your new single with Hreez – Forever, which is signed to Don Diablo’s label. In your opinion, how much of a pioneer has Don been, in terms of shaping the scene and how pleased are you with releasing this single on Hexagon?

Lumberjack – It was such an honor for us to sign on Hexagon! Don is now a game changer because he’s a really good person! We played with him in France 5 years ago, for his first gig in France and since this time, we stay in touch. We send him Forever just to know if he would play the track but his answer was ‘I want it for Hexagon’! It was a real milestone for us because Don has a real community who love him, and he takes care of a lot of them! Actually, he’s one of the biggest DJs in the world because of that! His vision and his personality are totally people love on him and that’s why we are really glad (as he said) to be welcome in the Hexagon family!

T.H.E – How was it working with Hreez on the single? Are there any fun anecdotes from the studio, that you can share with us?

Lumberjack – To be honest, you know how we can work on a collab without being together in a studio, and this happened with Hreez, cause he’s from Bulgaria! The anecdote is, he wanted to sign this track on Hexagon, and we decided to send it only to Hexagon, we pray a lot before (hahaha) and he answers us less than 24 hours: He loved it, let’s sign it.

It was like a kid dreams for all of us!

T.H.E – Talk us through a typical day in the studio. How do you guys go about finding an idea, to sourcing inspiration, and some of your VST plugins to work with?

Lumberjack – We come from two different styles (Trance vs. Electro Rock) but around Lumberjack we wanna do something that we feel between our styles and what we love to listen. To be honest, when we are in the studio, we work on projects that we started alone at home like that the first idea comes from one of us and take the vision of the other after. It’s really interesting to work like that because we have the two visions on the same track, and like that we don’t have creativity problems!

Actually, we are producing a lot of stuff more in Future House, Tribal but we also produce lots of pop and trap music. We don’t want to be close in one style and we want to explore all of these sounds!

For the VST, for every track, we have prepared racks to be really effective but we really love to use the Knob bundle and the Smack Attack from Waves, and the Fabfilter plugins!

T.H.E – You guys have definitely made a name for yourselves on the global circuit. We are sure that there are certain people in your lives, that have been extremely instrumental in this. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given? 

Lumberjack – The best advice that we’ve been given was to do what we love and to feel in our music. Look at the Magenta Riddim remix, it was like a joke but we feel that it can have a little impact for the DJs… The result was totally unexpected for us, haha but we made it because we loved it and want to share it with the world!

T.H.E – Amsterdam Dance Event is almost upon us. What are your plans for ADE 2018?

Lumberjack – Amsterdam Dance Event is coming really soon and we have actually 3 gigs confirmed: Escape on 18th where Joachim Garraud invite us to share the deck with him, Press Play Party at Desmet Studio’s on 19th afternoon and Black Lizard party with our good friend Leandro Da Silva on the night! It’s the first year that we play in Amsterdam during the ADE so we are really excited and we are preparing a lot of ids for those events!

T.H.E – Lastly, for any new producer, what would you say is the most important thing to keep in mind, whilst working on a new track?

Lumberjack – It’s a big question! Haha! But just to think in his project and don’t wasn’t too much time in little things! When you have an idea stay focus on it and do what you feel without listen to all the people around you because it’s a part of you! And don’t forget that when you do a track it’s always the best you will do considering your past tracks so do it at 1000%!

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