T.H.E Interview – Maggie Szabo

maggie szabo interview

“Gravity” by Oli Harper featuring Maggie Szabo is a high-energy uplifting dance song with enchanting vocals, a driving beat and well-crafted production.

Highlighting Oli Harper’s signature hypnotising production and Maggie Szabo’s powerful lyrics, this combination is a fierce club hit.

Maggie has been making waves on prominent Spotify playlists including New Music Friday Canada, Mint, Cardio, Best New Pop, Fresh Dance Pop, Gym Workout Motivation, New Music Friday Switzerland, New Music Friday Deutschland and many more. She’s quickly become one of the most sought after songwriter/vocalists for DJs and has been featured by Rolling Stone India, CelebMix, The Advocate, Billboard, Popdust, Huffington Post, Ryan Seacrest, Perez Hilton, EARMILK and many more.

We caught up with Maggie to learn more about how this collaboration came about, her musical influences and more.

Aditya – Hey Maggie, Welcome to this edition of T.H.E – Interviews! How’s 2021 been for you so far?

Maggie Szabo – Thanks so much for having me! So far, 2021 has been quite the adventure, as I’m sure it has been for most of us.

Aditya – ‘Gravity’ with Oli Harper sounds exuberant! Could you tell us about the collaboration?

Maggie Szabo – Thank you so much! I’ve worked with Oli on a few songs already but this is definitely my favourite we’ve done together. With me being based in LA and him being from the UK, we’ve never actually met in person. We do all of our work by chatting on zoom and exchanging files back and forth! Now that we have a handful of songs under our belt together, I think it’s given us the opportunity to really understand each other’s styles and combine them in the best way possible.

Aditya – What’s your creative process like? Do you have a specific process that you follow when you write?

Maggie Szabo – I like to keep an open mind when creating music, so there’s never really one specific process I like to follow. Sometimes it starts with the track, or sometimes it starts with a song idea and then the track follows. With Oli and I, since he’s such a great producer, it always starts with a rough idea for the track. Then once we start building the topline, the track is produced more to fit the direction of the song. That’s what I really love about working with him, he is all about the song and understands that the production needs to find its way around the melody and lyrics.

Aditya – What kind of singer would you classify yourself as?

Maggie Szabo – I would say soulful pop:)

Aditya – Who influenced you to become a singer-songwriter?

Maggie Szabo – Carole King has always been one of my idols because aside from having an amazing career as an artist herself, she’s written so many iconic songs for other artists too.

Aditya – How does it feel to be living in Hollywood?

Maggie Szabo – It took me about a year or two to really get used to living here. In the beginning it was exciting, intimidating, and overwhelming at times. Now it definitely feels like home and I’ve really settled into my comfort zone. I really do feel grateful I was able to make a life for myself here!

Aditya – I’d like to know more about your support towards the LGBTQ+ community!

Maggie Szabo – Living in LA really opened my eyes to seeing a lot of the harsh realities the trans community faces, particularly trans youth. A few years ago, I released a music video for my song ‘Don’t Give Up’ about a teenage girl who struggles with her gender identity, and part of the proceeds of that music video went to the Ali Forney Center, an organization that helps homeless LGBTQ+ youth. From there, I did a live performance video of that song with the Trans Chorus of LA which led to a bunch of performances at different Pride festivals and events. I was lucky enough to become really close to a lot of the members of the choir and after hearing so many personal stories about their struggles with coming out, finding a job, and with family, it motivated me even more to want to use music as a way to create awareness and invoke positivity.

Aditya – You seem to have a strenuous workout routine, could you tell us about your workout lifestyle?

Maggie Szabo – I always strive to be the best singer and writer I can be and a big part of that is my mental and physical health. Going to the gym every morning kick starts my day with the mentality that yes, I can be a badass :) I wake up early everyday and run a few miles and hit the gym for a combination of weightlifting, high intensity cardio, and gymnastics. I make sure I do something physical every single day. It keeps my mind in check and keeps my lungs healthy for all the singing I love to do!

Aditya – You have a cool merch store! Tell us about you and fashion, how did your interest in it come by?

Maggie Szabo – I’m all about positive self-affirmations which inspired my t-shirt line Thread The Love. There are positive quotes on every t-shirt that inspire self love and empowerment, and each quote is written backwards so that whenever you’re in front of the mirror, you’re reminded what a badass you are.

Aditya – Lastly, what’s your zodiac sign?

Maggie Szabo – Pisces all the way!


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