T.H.E Interview – Mario Bianco

mario interview

Drawing his inspiration and passion for music from his native Naples, Mario Bianco has been releasing his own sound for almost 10 years.

A man known for creating enticing music, his sound ranges from house and techno with a charismatic, floaty sound which has led him to consistent club outings in Italy.

His musical experience and experimental production has caught the ears of labels such as Do Not Sit On The Furniture, Stereo Productions and Natura Viva.

He now returns to Do Not Sit with a huge new EP ‘Two Tones Of Anger’. We got in touch with Mario Bianco to learn more about how the EP came about, pandemic, and more.

T.H.E – Hey Mario – how are you, how has 2022 been for you?

Mario Bianco – Hi guys, I’m very good thanks! Well, this year seems to have started in the best way. A return to life and hope

T.H.E – How was the pandemic for you and what effect did it have on your music taste and style?

Mario Bianco – From my point of view, the pandemic was an occasion more than a problem, I was able to concentrate on my music and to study so many new ways of approaching what was already my sound.

T.H.E – How do you evolve your own sound while staying true to your roots and own signature and not jumping on new hype bandwagons?

Mario Bianco – I certainly tried to evolve what was already my identity into something more concrete musically speaking through the use of new machines, with a lot of work and with a lot of love

T.H.E – Do you make music that suits certain labels or do you create first and worry about that later?

Mario Bianco – For me, producing music is the purest form of musical freedom I can find at the moment, and I can’t be influenced by that. So in answer to the question, I tell you that I don’t think about it at first, I leave everything to the end of the job.

T.H.E – What are some of the key bits of music-making gear in your current setup?

Mario Bianco – Prophet 6, RD-8, Moog Subsequent. music-making

T.H.E – Where is your best environment as a DJ? a small dark club or a huge outdoor festival stage? late at night for the weirdos or early so you can play slow and eclectic etc?

Mario Bianco – The club always has its charm, a little mysterious that has always kidnapped me since I was a child, I grew up there and I have a certain magnetism towards the night and everything that surrounds it, but I also love open air parties during the day, perhaps at sea ​​where there is always a good energy.

T.H.E – How do you work, do you have an idea in your head you work towards or do you just experiment and jam and see what happens?

Mario Bianco – I always like to start from an idea or an inspiration and then make it grow by experimenting.

T.H.E – Tell us about your Do Not Sit On The Furniture Recordings EP – what inspired or influenced it, where and when and who was it written for?

Mario Bianco – Was made in Naples here where I live in a very particular and hard moment of my life, which also coincided with this terrible moment where war has taken its place in the world, for this reason it is called “two tones of anger”.

T.H.E – What is next for you and the rest of 2022?

Mario Bianco – Clearly a lot of music, and serenity and I hope to start playing around soon and give the opportunity to the many people who would like to listen to me live.


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