T.H.E Interview – Mark Sixma

Mark Sixma interview

Mark Sixma is an artist whose music is known by the heart of dance music on a global scale. Born and raised in the capital of dance – Breda, he is responsible for some of the most revered timeless dance music and EDM anthems.

At ASOT 900, we caught up with Mark, and spoke to him about ASOT 900 Madrid, and his love for video games.

Elsi – Let’s start with yesterday, the ASOT Pre-Party! It was also your birthday; how did you experience that?

Mark Sixma – It was crazy! We brought some cake and Armin was singing “Happy Birthday” to me with the whole crew so it was a special way to celebrate my birthday.

Elsi – So today you’re able to walk around ASOT900 in Utrecht, you’re not playing this one but in two weeks we have ASOT900 Madrid! How are you feeling about that?

Mark Sixma – I’m saving all my new music for that! I have plenty to test out and I can’t wait! Spain has always been really good to me so I’m really looking forward to it.

Elsi – I guess you’re going to be dropping your new collab with Ben Nicky “The Bass” at ASOT 900 Madrid?

Mark Sixma – For sure! Yeah!

Elsi – Is that the new style you’re kind of going towards?

Mark Sixma – Euhm, like right now, I’m experimenting with different styles. Obviously “The Bass” is a little techier and a higher bpm. I do love that so I would describe it more, what I’m trying to do now is part of the rave sound. It’s a little bit reminiscent of the old days where you know, you’d go to a rave and it would be pretty full on a little bit between hard trance and been using some elements in “The Clock” from hardstyle as well as combining it with psy-trance. I just want to blend styles together.

Elsi – You’re also going to do a USA tour! Are you going to be continuing the new sound with new releases? What’s that going to be about?

Mark Sixma – Yeah, so, I have a new track coming up in a few weeks and Armin’s already been hammering it out so I’m sure that if you listened to Armin’s live set you probably heard it already. I’m very excited about it but I can’t say too much about it yet. It’s the beginning of something special!

Elsi – So when’s the release date? Do you know yet?

Mark Sixma – 29th of March

Elsi – Ok, we’ll all be looking forward to that! Do you have any other big festivals planned for the summer where we’ll be able to see you?

Mark Sixma – I have some HUGE festivals planned but I’m afraid I can’t say anything about that right now…

Elsi – You’re so secretive! Ok, well maybe we can touch upon your new adventures…Game streaming!

Mark Sixma – Yeah, well, besides being a passionate producer and making music, I also love to play video games. I’ve been thinking about “what are great ways to interact with your fans?”. Of course, you have social media, Instagram, Facebook but what is a more personal approach? So what I thought is, I play games quite often when I’m done with the studio. I was thinking, if I just show that I’m playing video games and invite some fans to play with me and I’m going to broadcast it, that’s a great idea! Connect with your fans!

Elsi – So where can your fans follow you?

Mark Sixma – twitch.tv/marksixmadj

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  1. Amazing Mark Sixma you are great dj and wonderful man thank you for everything you do for your fans. Can’t wait to hear it new track is fantastic . I wish you good vibes in #ASOT900 Madrid ! Good job for you! ?❤


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