T.H.E Interview – Matisse & Sadko

matisse & sadko interview - The duo talk about working with Martin Garrix, new music and more.

Matisse & Sadko are internationally acclaimed music producers and DJs, consisting of the two brothers Aleksandr & Yury.

We caught up with the duo and spoke about ADE 2019, working with Martin Garrix and new music.

T.H.E – How’s it going? How was Amsterdam Dance Event this year for you guys?

Matisse & Sadko – Very good. We had an amazing party at the Escape club. We saw a lot of friends so it’s really nice.

T.H.E – This year, you guys also hosted your Matisse & Sadko & Friends party for the very first time. How was it?

Matisse & Sadko – Yes! Oh! The first time we hosted our own party at the Maia club so we invited a lot of our friends. It was a big show with b2b sets and new music. We were super excited! DubVision, Arty, Shapov. I mean, what can be better than your own party.

T.H.E – A lot of these guys have similar sounds to what you guys are known for?

Matisse & Sadko – Progressive house. Yeah! That’s why we invited all the guys because we have the same vision so I think it was great! The best progressive house party ever!

T.H.E – In terms of new music, did you guys play any new music? Do you have any upcoming collaborations that we can look out for?

Matisse & Sadko – To be honest, we are working on new tunes so we did play a few.

T.H.E – It’s been quite some time since you guys collaborated with Martin Garrix and ever since those collaborations actually came out, these songs received tremendous responses. Since that time, whenever you are in the studio, is there some amount of pressure that you guys feel, thinking that you gotta come out with something that is at par with your previous hits?

Matisse & Sadko – We can say that now we are super good friends with Martin. We are really cool with each other, we support each other, and we don’t have any pressure so we work together almost every day on different songs. He’s the nicest person in the music industry and super open-minded and he’s so easy to work with him, so you can expect more and more music from us. We work like….. one team, together. I think in the future, we have to create a new project like Matisse & Sadko…

T.H.E – And Martin Garrix.

Matisse & Sadko – Yeah! Under a different name, it could be really great!

T.H.E – Does that mean some new songs are probably in the works with Garrix?

Matisse & Sadko – Yeah, all the time! All the time! Sometimes we work with him like co-producers. It’s always, always amazing!

T.H.E – How is it working with his label STMPD Records?

Matisse & Sadko – We are not like partners. We are good friends with them, with the entire team and it’s very easy to work with friends, you know.

T.H.E – Yup!

Matisse & Sadko – They do the best work for us and support our releases. We’re super happy being a part of the big STMPD Family.

T.H.E – Apart from your gigs, parties, meetings, etc, what did you guys end up doing in Amsterdam during those 5 days?

Matisse & Sadko – Good question! I think the main goal is always music. We have to create something big! We love to get inspiration from the city and improve our music when in Amsterdam. So the plan was to finish our next song here.

T.H.E – Oh, that’s amazing! Can we try and get a preview of that before we sign off?

Matisse & Sadko – Yeah we can. We can show you right now. Just for you haha!

T.H.E – From a touring point of view, what do you guys have coming up? Are there any shows or something that you’re looking forward to towards the end of the year?

Matisse & Sadko – We have a lot of upcoming Asian gigs.

T.H.E – Are you coming to India?

Matisse & Sadko – Unfortunately no! We just played in Kuala Lumpur last weekend and also Vietnam so I don’t remember where we are going, maybe Thailand, Japan, and Singapore.

T.H.E – This is happening towards the end of the year, right?

Matisse & Sadko – Yeah!

T.H.E – That sounds super cool!

Matisse & Sadko – We just focus on our music so I don’t know where we are going next. It’s important but not really important for real producers, you know.

T.H.E – Got it!

Matisse & Sadko – Just music!

T.H.E – Apart from Martin Garrix, which other artists would you say inspire you a lot in the industry?

Matisse & Sadko – You mean this industry? As a person, we are big fans of Tiesto and David Guetta.

T.H.E – Why is that?

Matisse & Sadko – Because they are in the game for like many years and still on top. That’s why we love them and they are really nice. They are very simple and very creative.

T.H.E – Collaborating with them would be a dream come true, right?

Matisse & Sadko – Yeah, of course! By the way, we have that one collaboration with Tiesto already. And probably we are gonna make something together again. We talked about that.

T.H.E – That sounds like a lot of new music is actually being planned.

Matisse & Sadko – Of course!

T.H.E – We can’t wait, obviously.

Matisse & Sadko – We are working on different styles, different genres at the same time and this is our mission I think. This is what we love and what we want to do.

T.H.E – Thank you.

Matisse & Sadko – Thanks for having us!

Matisse & Sadko did finish a song in Amsterdam, and it’s called “Fade Away”. You can check it here.


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