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meetch interview

Emerging from NYC’s electronic music scene, a city known as a breeding ground for new talent – Meetch was first discovered on Soundcloud & subsequently asked to play a series of shows, including the renowned Kahbang Festival in Bangor Maine.

Amassing a loyal fanbase, performances soon followed at legendary NY nightspots Pacha, Stage 48 & Club Amazura – along with sharing stages with the likes of Skrillex, Deorro, 12th Planet & Paper Diamond.

Fast forward to the present & with a decade of live performances under his belt, Meetch now calls the musical melting pot of LA his home & has a dialled in focus on House music. We caught up with Meetch to find out about his production process, latest cut ‘See You Dance’ & more!

T.H.E – A warm welcome to T.H.E – Music Essentials, Meetch! How’s everything right now in LA?

Meetch – Hi guys! Things in LA are good! There have been frequent rain storms that I have never seen in the 6 years I’ve been a resident here. BUT, only more of a reason to get crunching on some music in the studio! Though the power has gone out in multiple towns in my area. Can’t really do anything without electricity. The sun is starting to come out more now and I’m excited for the summer.

T.H.E – We’re here to talk about your new record ‘See You Dance’, when did you first begin production on the track?

Meetch – I started to get moving on the song around the middle of December. I started to get multiple new ideas on other songs and now I’ve dedicated this whole year to multiple track releases.

T.H.E – When working on a record, what’s the main area you usually focus on first?

Meetch – I like to start by creating the break and build up. When creating that part of the song, I’m able to branch off of that and use sounds that will sit well with the drop. Then creating the middle parts and the intro/outro can be done towards the ending of the production.

T.H.E – What’s the meaning behind your artist name?

Meetch – Meetch is what I have been called since I was little. My actual name is Dimitri. So, its Di – Meetch – Ree. You basically say it when my name is pronounced!

T.H.E – Using just one word, what would that be to describe the Meetch sound?

Meetch – Robotic!

T.H.E – And finally, are there plans for any remixes of ‘See You Dance’ to follow, or any other news you can share with us?

Meetch – I am not sure about any remixes, but I do have something new that I think will have tons of remix potential. I wanted to start off my first release after a long hiatus as something that isn’t much of a banger. If I started back up with the most incredible song ever, then each new song will need to be better and better. I can definitely say that my next song will give much more meaning to my robotic sound and brand. And I would LOVE to see some awesome remixes come out afterwards. I’ll probably drop the stems as a free download and open up the opportunity to many. See You Dance was the starting point to a new beginning in my musical Journey. I started this brand in 2011 and I will not stop. I’ve been playing some incredible shows recently with many more to come. I strive for the shows to get bigger and bigger. I’m so confident that all my years of this are going to pay off very soon.


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