T.H.E Interview – Michael Feiner

Michael Feiner Interview

Hot off the back of his European tour, Swedish DJ/producer Michael Feiner drops ‘Aventura’ – another uncompromising trade mark production.

Heavy hitting & laden with feel-good Latin vibes – ‘Aventura’ is the brand new floor banger by Michael Feiner, the DJ/producer behind ‘Mantra’ and ‘Bababa’.

Check out our chat with Michael Feiner where he talks about his new single, and plans for 2019.

T.H.E – Hey Michael! Welcome to T.H.E – Music Essentials. Congrats on your latest single ‘Aventura’, how was 2018 for you overall?

Michael Feiner – 2018 kept me very busy with a lot of traveling and shows so it was very good. However, between traveling and being away from my studio in Stockholm made it hard to finish more than one track in the studio during the year – but I was happy to finish and get out Aventura before the new year arrived.

T.H.E – Can you tell us a little about what inspired ‘Aventura’?

Michael Feiner – All my travels in different cultures and people inspire me. Memories and flavours sort of getting stored in a vault within me to dig out when needed. So in the case of Aventura, it kind of just popped up this kind of latino melody that I couldn’t get out of my head for quite some time. Then it was just a question of getting in the studio to finish it. I really wanted it to be an energetic party track where it’s almost like you can see yourself in a movie adventure, hence the title Aventura which means adventure in Spanish.

T.H.E – You’ve been an established artist for many years now & along the way, have seen records signed to Axtone & Spinnin’. How did you first get into music production?

Michael Feiner – I’ve always been into production since I was a small kid trying out sounds with simple equipment. It’s always been a passion for me doing music and creating sounds. The passion has always been present in my life and I just kept on going.

T.H.E – Do you have any advice to offer aspiring producers, who are currently starting out on their journey?

Michael Feiner – Learn your tools properly and keep it simple in the beginning equipment wise. Then keep on going! Just do what you feel and trust your gut. Don’t give up and do it with love. You need to do music for the right reason.

T.H.E – Which three records do you feel, were the standout cuts this year?

Michael Feiner – I always find it hard to pick specific tracks hahaha. I listen to so many different kinds of music, not only club music, but if I have to mention three within the club category I would say; Axwell – Nobody else, Fisher – Losing it, Tiesto – Grapevine.

T.H.E – And finally, what’s next for Michael Feiner as we move into 2019?

Michael Feiner – I’ve actually got many plans so I’m pretty excited! I’m working on some new tracks so hopefully, they will be released before the summer. Also, my former band, The Attic is making a comeback this year and we have at least two new singles coming out in the first quarter of 2019. Really looking forward to releasing new music both solo and with my band.


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