T.H.E Interview – Michael Phase

michael phase interview

Michael Phase is an American/Dominican artist, who’s past collaborations have seen him working with the likes of Universal Music, Ashba, Cloud9, Kingsland Festival, Q-Dance & 2-Dutch.

With his sound traversing across elements of UK House, Hip Hop & Techno, along with bass grooves inspired by Dubstep, Melodic House & Bass House – Michael Phase continues to push boundaries & forge his own path.

We caught up with Michael Phase to discuss his influences, recently released debut EP – Lost In Mvsic & future plans!

T.H.E – Welcome to T.H.E – Music Essentials, Michael! How’s the start of your Spring season?

Michael Phase – It’s a pleasure to be here, thank you for having me! This Spring has been a transformative time for me. I took a much-needed break from producing and moved to a new city by Orlando Florida allowing me to explore new avenues of inspiration and reignite my creative flame.

T.H.E – A strong sound on your Lost In Mvsic EP, when did you first begin working on the tracks?

Michael Phase – Thank you! I appreciate you taking the time to listen to the EP. The exploration began during this transformative phase. Stepping away from my comfort zone in Hardstyle, I set out on a quest to find myself through sound. It took me a while, but the result was futuristic music that reflected my lifestyle before I moved from New York City.

T.H.E – When it comes to the production process, what area do you usually focus on first?

Michael Phase – In the production process, I often found myself focusing on either melody, a unique sound, or catchy groove that makes me want to shuffle. Whenever I make music, I think about how I can create an immersive experience that would take people on a wild adventure kinda like how Sci-Fi or Anime does for me.

T.H.E – With the U.S. dance scene thriving, how much influence do you take from the other artists in your homeland?

Michael Phase – Although the U.S. dance scene is thriving, my influence extends beyond geographical boundaries. During my break from producing, I delved into various artists and genres from around the world, seeking fresh perspectives and unique sounds that took me on a journey whenever I went out into the world. These influences allowed me to let go of boundaries and infuse my music with an exciting blend of multidimensional flavors, bringing a new dynamic to my art.

T.H.E – Aside from the streaming landscape of late, what’s been the biggest change you’ve seen in the industry in recent years?

Michael Phase – While the streaming landscape has certainly been impactful, the most significant change I’ve witnessed in the industry in recent years is the power of artistic reinvention. Artists are no longer confined to one genre or style, allowing for greater artistic exploration and creative growth. People can now be who they want to be instead of following trends. This shift has opened up endless possibilities for musicians like me to evolve and craft a unique listening experience.

T.H.E – If you were to offer a piece of advice to aspiring producers, what would it be?

Michael Phase – To aspiring producers, my advice would be to embrace change and constantly challenge yourself. Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone, explore different genres, and experiment with new sounds. Sometimes, taking a break from your usual style can lead to unexpected breakthroughs and a renewed passion for your craft. Stay open-minded, trust your instincts, and most importantly let your creativity guide you.

T.H.E – And finally, what’s next release wise for Michael Phase?

Michael Phase – Release wise, I don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon. I have a colorful remix EP for my song ‘Count On You’ that features a unique blend of styles by a group of extremely talented artists that I have had the pleasure of listening to on my weekly live streams on YouTube. MahyaaR, Farknown, Black Chip, and Vyzer have brought out their best in this EP which is coming out Friday, May 19th.

Following that EP, I have a remix I will be putting out on March 26th to Matroda’s – Gimmie Some Keys which will showcase more of my futuristic style in Bass House.

The story doesn’t end here as on June 7th I’ll be releasing a filthy bass house banger together with Jones 2.0 called ‘LEVIT8’ that will take you on a mind bending motivational journey.

As the course continues in July, I’ll be on a quest to ‘Find The Silence’ together with Jetason. To show you my Melodic side in house music. I can’t wait to take you on this musical journey with me!

Thank you for the opportunity to share my process and musical evolution. I’m excited to see where this new direction takes me and how it resonates with people.


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