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mindmassage interview

Manchester-based founder of MindMassage Alexander Golombeck announces the imminent release of new visuals for the main track, “Indecisive,” off forthcoming album Emotion, featuring some of the most talented EDM vocalists, RX and Joshua Benjamin.

MindMassage creates, composes and produces the project, with influences ranging from chillout to electronic, without forgetting to mention the ethereal vocal performances throughout the track.

We caught up with him, to discuss the visuals for “Indecisive”, his upcoming plans and how 2019 has been for him.

T.H.E – Hey Alexander! Welcome to T.H.E – Music Essentials. What have you been up to?

MindMassage – Hi there, I’ve been in Toronto the last couple of months recording and mixing my next album out next month – Dec 6th

T.H.E – Before we discuss your latest single, tell us a bit about how MindMassage came together, and what it stands for?

MindMassage – Im a trained Cognitive Behavioral Hypnotherapist… I wanted to combine parts of my practice with music, to design songs that could empower, generate creativity and ideas – but in a way which was enjoyable & accessible to a lot of people.

T.H.E – Your latest single, “Indecisive” has amazing vibes. How did it come about, and what was the process of coming up with the visuals?

MindMassage – When we made the song it had this retro, groovy, understated but authentically cool vibe; attributed to the amazing artists I collaborated on the song with of course. We felt like we wanted the visuals to match that energy. We envisioned a 90s vibe, a but more simplistic, laid back time and ent from there in terms of color and style.

T.H.E – It will also be featured on your upcoming album – Emotion. Tell us a bit about the album, how long was it in the works, and what is the message behind its name?

MindMassage – Emotion has take around 6 months to fully record and features 8 different vocalists on 14 tracks. The album is more like a soundtrack, a journey through moods, ideas, metaphor, some philosophies and across genres. Much like our day to day emotions which can twist and turn us in different directions; the album in its own way takes you on a ride.

T.H.E – The album features a lot of vocalists, how did you go about identifying them?

MindMassage – Quite often friends or other producers refer artists to me, or ill hear on Spotify and message the artists directly and actually one girl from the new album I heard humming at a matcha coffee place and she was in the studio a few days later and she’s just amazingly talented

The method isn’t too scientific 🙂 I’m usually found in studios so ill meet lots if vocalists that way and now with Instagram its really easy to message people

T.H.E – Do you feel that a track is more complete when it has vocals?

MindMassage – It depends some tracks like Ten Walls – walking with elephants – that track will never need vocals its so good the way it is, its just all feeling no words necessary, very much like great instrumentals behind movies like Apollo 13 or Edward scissorhands.

Other tracks have / need vocals to enhance them or to convey a message. I listen to more tracks with vocals than without and for me, just the right vocal is unforgettable

T.H.E – Lastly, how has 2019 been for you overall, and what can we expect in 2020?

MindMassage – 2019 was a dream, experimenting with my music with lots of interesting and talented musicians – culminating in the album and a few. Music videos due out soon to.

Early 2020 I am planning to make a short EP, I have a few interesting collaborations in the works. And I will hopefully get some tour dates announced.

Stream the new MindMassage album, below.


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