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mochakk interview

Brazilian producer Mochakk has taken electronic music by storm with his instant-classic DJ sets that have rapidly allotted him over a million followers across social media platforms, firmly establishing him within the collective consciousness of house fans and festival attendees.

Building off his electrifying momentum, Mochakk has now unveiled his first single of 2022: “False Need” via Black Book. Laced with etheric vocal chops, the track drops into a deep, propulsive groove that’s tailor made for the stages he’s set to conquer in the coming months.

We caught up with Mochakk to learn more about “False Need”, creative process and more.

Aditya – Hey Mochakk, Glad to have you for the interview. How was the first quarter of this year for you?

Mochakk – Hey guys! Well it’s been the craziest of my life! I’m very happy with all that’s been happening and I’m really excited and inspired to work!

Aditya – I’ve just heard your track ‘False Need’, it’s an absolute banger! Could you share the creative process of this track?

Mochakk – Thanks!! Well, it came out on a night of inspiration after sending some demos to Black Book and getting some feedback from the guys there! I sat down in the studio all night and finished the song by the morning, songs that happen like that tend to be the ones that do great :)

Aditya – What’s your creative process like? How do you begin producing music?

Mochakk – It’s different every time, sometimes it starts with a bassline idea, sometimes it’s chords, sometimes chopping up samples. I think it depends on what I’ve been listening to the day before the session!

Aditya – Which DAW do you use and why?

Mochakk – I use logic, I fell in love with it man, ever since I discovered it… I love the looks, the interface is really intuitive for me, I’m really used to the commands and the instruments and native mixing plugins are unmatched, I almost don’t use third party stuff! Sometimes it’s all logic’s stock toys and it packs a huge punch!

Aditya – Any production tips you’d like to share?

Mochakk – I think for beginners just starting out and making their first ideas, a good tip would be to do remakes of tunes that you like, just for study, I know you won’t release those but that will give you insight on how certain elements work, why the arrangement works, how certain contrasts between timbers work, and loads of cool knowledge… I started out playing around and doing reworks and remakes before I made my first tunes! It really helped!

Aditya – Do you believe record labels are significantly important? Do you believe artists can independently develop their careers?

Mochakk – I do think labels are important, they start a movement sometimes and make a collective of people make more noise together, even more when you start doing label parties and showcases… also releasing on a good label and playing in their label parties is a really good way to start touring your country and building a bigger audience! I think they’re a tool! You don’t necessarily need a label to be doing your thing and building your audience, but I do think it helps! I’m big on staying Indie and what I’m saying really applies to labels that work signing a single release at a time, I’m not a fan of being tied up artistically and having to deliver something because you signed a contract, so it’s a good tool to be careful while using! It’s a knife, let’s put it like that, if you know how to use it and sharpen it you can get a clean safe cut, your food will taste delicious, if you use it a little dull and don’t put that much care into it you might end up hurt!

Aditya – You have a massive discography, which is your favorite track and why?

Mochakk – I think my favorite track is always the last one that I made, so it’s still unreleased, but from the tunes I already released I think I really like “Here” and “Bliss”, those are really ethereal ones, when it comes to the more banging tunes I think I really like “So Many People”, “Arpideous” and “Cirque de la Lune”!

Aditya – You’ve performed across various venues and festivals, which is your favorite venue to perform and why?

Mochakk – One of the venues I performed recently that I really love was “Externa” in Brasilia, amazing underground spot, wild crowd. I also loved playing D-Edge, really cool club in São Paulo. Caos in Campinas is another AMAZING one! Venues in the south Like Park art in Curitiba, el fortin in Santa Catarina are amazing as well! I’m a club guy… I like festivals and big stages but a packed dark club with a low ceiling and fast flashing lights always gets it done for me!

Aditya – You’ve only had a mere 35k followers on Instagram, now you’re near a million followers. How do you feel about that?

Mochakk – Well, I’m really happy! I trust my vision a lot and I think I have a lot of great music not only to put out and release but to play in my sets and a lot of different music to show people and contribute to their library so… I couldn’t be happier that my platform is growing! There obviously is not only good stuff about it, haters are the entry pass to a bigger platform, and learning to deal with them takes time and a strong mind, but I’ve dealt with them all my life so… yeah, let’s [email protected]#!*ng Go!

Aditya – Lastly, do you think humans will capitalize Mars?

Mochakk – I hope we colonize it and treat it different than we treat earth! Lol, I’m laughing so I don’t cry about it 😫


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