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moska interview

At a time when millions around the world have experienced separation from family and friends, the pull of ‘home’ is stronger than ever before, perhaps more appreciated than it ever has been. And for every culture, every country, there is a specific sound, a certain instrument or a melody from a traditional song that can instantly transport the listener back to where they belong.

For Latin American producers MOSKA and Markem, and singer/songwriter La Gurú, it is this sentiment that formed the central message of their recent single, the sizzling, sensual and sun-drenched Mi Tierra. Drawing inspiration from the rich folklores of Colombian and Venezuelan culture, the trio have crafted what is, at its essence, a love letter to their home countries. Marrying ancient compositions and ancestral instruments to our most modern form of music – electronica – they create a new anthem for the next generation.

We caught up with Moska to learn more about the single came about, his musical influences and more.

Aditya – How were the first couple of months for you?

Moska – Well these first few months have been amazing, I have been making a lot of music, I have been locked down in the studio, making a lot of beats, and I just released my track Mi Tierra and it’s doing really well all over the world in Spotify, YouTube, DJs are playing it so I’m really happy for that.

Aditya – Mi Tierra sounds stunning with the vocals and production, what is the process behind this?

Moska – Basically it’s a tribute to Colombia, it’s a tribute to Latin America, so we tried to put a lot of Latin Style on this track, that’s why we sampled the track from Simon Diaz ‘Mi Querencia’, a big artist from Venezuela. We took the harp and we started to make a really, really nice groove and house beat. That was the way we produced Mi Tierra.

Aditya – Who are your influences and why?

Moska – My influences right now are DJs like Vintage Culture, John Summit, the guys from Swedish House Mafia are doing really great work, I love them.

Aditya – The music video looks fantastic, what is the idea behind it?

Moska – The idea with the video was to show the beautiful landscapes of Colombia and Latin America. That’s why we went to La Gujira in the north of Colombia and the Caribbean Sea, we went to Teyrona in Santa Marca, and we went to El Guainía to Los Cerros de Mavecure. These places look amazing, especially in El Guainía, it looks like a scene from a fictional movie, it’s amazing, it’s so, so beautiful.

Aditya – You have had the opportunity to work with Tiesto, how do you feel about that?

Moska – I feel really honoured to work with him, I feel really proud of myself to have this opportunity to work with such a legend like Tiesto, he’s a really cool guy and he knows a lot about music, so I feel really proud.

Aditya – How does it feel to be playing to one of the largest crowds in the world?

Moska – It’s amazing, it’s always an amazing feeling, I love to play my music in front of the crowd, to see the reaction, which is always good. It feels amazing. Always, when I play, there are always Colombians in the front row.

Aditya – Which DAW did you use and why

Moska – I used FA in the studio, this is the main software that I use, I’ve been using it for years, it’s the main one that I use, I feel really, really confident with this one. But, I am thinking of switching to Ableton,

Aditya – What is your studio set-up?

Moska – To be honest, my studio set-up is really, really minimal. I just produce from my laptop, I have headphones and a mouse and that’s it.

Aditya – Which is your favourite place to play and why?

Moska – I really love to play in Miami, the people in Miami are amazing, it’s so, so cool. That’s why I love to play in this city. New York is cool too, and Mexico. Oh, Mexico is amazing! The people are really passionate about the music.

Aditya – Lastly, favourite cuisine and why?

Moska – I think I love Italian food, I love pasta and lasagne and all that stuff.


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