T.H.E Interview – MOUNT & Emdey

mount & emdey interview

Touching down on Universal Music / Virgin Records is the anticipated release from MOUNT & Emdey. We caught up with the pair to discuss their latest project; delivering a stellar remake of the much-loved & nostalgic track – bringing ‘Venus’ firmly into 2020.

T.H.E – Hey guys! Welcome to T.H.E – Music Essentials, how has 2020 been treating you both so far? 

MOUNT – We had a good start into 2020, January and February were nice. Next part was not that good… we all know why :/ But it has meant that we now have a lot of time to make music in the studio and of course we have been making the most of that.

Emdey – Yes! We’ll get through this together! For me, it was definitely a good start as I had planned so many new things – the new stage name, new music & new image. Now we are spending most of our time in the studio and trying to keep things moving onwards/upwards.

We’re loving your fresh take on “Venus” – can you tell us little about the production process & concept behind covering such a classic cut?

Emdey – First of all, Thank you! To be honest it all started with my friend and manager Shaun Bate sending me a Karaoke version of “Venus” three years ago. He said, “Why don’t you try to cover this track, it could work.” I had no clue how I could transform this track into a dance song, so the idea was left lying around for a very long time. After two years I tried it again but still with no satisfying results. Then a few months ago, I connected with MOUNT and since we got on so well, I decided to tell him about the idea to cover “Venus” and sent him a really rough demo. Patrick (MOUNT) took a listen and was into it, so we started working on the track initially via Skype and Whatsapp and also got together for a few sessions. The result of which is out now. 😊

T.H.E – You’ve each established your own careers as artists – What are your respective journeys into the music industry?

MOUNT – We both started making music very early – myself at 13 and Marvin (Emdey) at 12. I was actually playing in different punk bands back then and learnt a lot from those experiences. I moved to Vienna when I was 22 and met a producer there, who taught me a lot about music production. I was really into this whole “producing thing” After years of practising I released my first record called “Something Good.” The song went viral really fast on Soundcloud and later on Spotify.

Emdey – I started making music when I was 12 years old. Growing up I was always keen to learn about music and I have played multiple instruments, mostly keyboard. I was really into FL Studio… my music software. After a lot of practice and a few Bootleg remixes on Soundcloud and a few amateur music platforms, I got discovered by an artist signed to Ministry of Sound at the time. He gave me the opportunity to remix his record, which got signed to MoS and everything started happening from there.

T.H.E – Is this the first time you’ve worked together & how did the record signing to Universal Music / Virgin Records come about?

MOUNT – Yes, this is the first time we’ve worked together. We met on the internet a few months ago. I came across Marvin’s music as MD Electro (his former stage name) and liked it a lot. So, I just dropped him a message and asked if he would be interested in working together. When “Venus” was finished, I wrote to my A&R Manager at Virgin Records (I’m exclusively signed to the label so I had to ask) and we decided this record would be my next single.

T.H.E – Do you feel the music scenes from your homelands have influenced your sound & are there any labels / DJs that have particularly inspired you? 

MOUNT – Actually, I’m not really influenced by my country when it comes to music. In Austria, we have a big folk music scene but only a tiny dance / electronic scene. I generally get inspired by deep electronic music and this is also what I produce from time to time. DJs that particularly inspired me are Stephan Bodzin, Claptone, Purple Disco Machine and Diplo.

Emdey – I don’t really feel the music scene from my homelands. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of good artists from Germany, Mousse T., Robin Schulz, Boris Brejcha just to name a few. But most of my influences come from the Dutch and UK dance scene. I really like their styles and I get inspired by labels like, Ministry of Sound, Positiva, Spinnin’ Records and Armada Music. A DJ that has particularly inspired me is definitely Calvin Harris… I’ve been a big fan for years!

T.H.E – Do you have any favourite pieces of kit in the studio that define your sound?

MOUNT – Absolutely! I use a lot of Hardware in my studio. I have a Moog Sub 37 and a Prophet 6 by Dave Smith and my electric guitar Fender Stratocaster.

Emdey – I only have my speakers KRK 6, a soundcard from RME and a Midi keyboard, the rest is just software. I use software synthesizers like Serum or Sylenth to create my own soundbanks.

T.H.E – Could you describe your signature sounds, in three words for us?

MOUNT – Deep, Vibes, Brass

Emdey – FM Bass, Piano, House

T.H.E – Looking ahead, what do you think is in store for the future of electronic music?

MOUNT – We don’t know to be honestly… we’ll let it surprise us. Music styles will always develop and feel there is something coming up with livestreams for sure!

T.H.E – And finally, do you have any more releases planned together as MOUNT & Emdey and what can we expect to see next from you individually?

MOUNT – Since “Venus” was our first project together working in this capacity, we hadn’t really thought about how we would proceed. However, we complemented each other so well – we will definitely look to continue working together on other projects. We’re working on a bunch of new tracks individually at the moment and my next single is almost finished! For now, we really wanna focus on “Venus” and the promotion for the record.

Emdey – Yep, we actually have a club mix planned for “Venus” which will be released very soon. We’re also working on a few new tracks for our solo careers too and excited to share those with you!



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