T.H.E Interview – Mr. Movienaut


Hailing from the United States, Mr. Movienaut drops his debut single ‘Never Let Go Jack’.

Spinning out from Hollywood in California, the quirky act has become a staple on the Boulevard, where each & every night he sets up a portable DJ stage & deliver a three-hour set – quickly having a famed local act, that tourists from all walks gravitate towards.

We caught up with him and spoke to him about his latest single and the story behind his stage name.

T.H.E – Hey Mr. Movienaut, welcome to T.H.E Music Essentials. How’s it going in Hollywood right now?

Mr. Movienaut – It is wild out here!

T.H.E – To kick things off, tell us how the name of Mr. Movienaut came about?

Mr. Movienaut – I love space and I love movies!  So I combined the two names together.  I never made it as an actor, so I made a character that can star in his own movies (songs). Which is why every single title is a spin on film titles.  I go to the movies about 3 times a week, I am obsessed with film.

T.H.E – Mr. Movienaut – What inspired you to become a producer & what kind of sounds can we expect from you in the future?

Mr. Movienaut – I really love dance music, a lot. Especially House music, I grew up as a dancer, so I was always attracted to upbeat fun music. I’m not a very good producer tbh, I find I have “the ear”, for the right sounds and vibes, but I def can’t outproduce anybody like Oliver Heldens or another House legend.  I do love making House music though, it comes the easiest to me, and I feel like I can paint pretty fun sonic stories through the 128 bpm region.  A lot of the other genres in EDM, especially the progressive House side, melodic area, dubstep, is a bit out of reach for me.  And as far as “future sounds” I would say just finding new and interesting twists, to house music. This is my genre, this is what you can expect.

T.H.E – Big vibes across your track ‘Never Let Go Jack’. How long has it been in the works?

Mr. Movienaut – Well, I actually made the track about a year ago, for another artist, and they wound up taking their project in another direction, so I was like… “hmmm let me fix this up – and make it really bounce on the drop”, so I re-worked it, and was like, “you know… I could hear some of the House guys actually dropping this, this should be a real single!”  and then, it kinda inspired me to make an entire house album (i have 5 more tracks coming out over the next 2 months)

T.H.E – How did your gigs on the Boulevard come into being? 

Mr. Movienaut – No one would book me, thats how. So I said, fu*k this, i’ll make my own stage and my own show. I am a performer. that’s what I am, the only time i am truly happy is when i am on a stage and if no one was going to put me on one, that wasnt gonna stop me from DJing and performing every night.

T.H.E – How’s the scene in California right now, in terms of opportunities for new talent to break through? 

Mr. Movienaut – The scene in california is always thriving, most acts bubble and break out of here.  People are always trying new things, making new art, starting new events, it truly is – an inspiring place, with a lot of big dreams and ambitions, that will never change, its in the DNA of the city.

T.H.E – And finally, what are your plans for the rest of 2018? 

Mr. Movienaut – I am releasing my first album!! woo hoo!! its called “Box Office Smash”.  There are 6 tracks on the album, and a new single is being released every single week from now till mid november in building hype around it.  There may even be a music video too… not sure tho, all my funding is coming from the tips people in hollywood give me everynight.  So, if theres enough by november, I may be able to ask some favors and make something great!  I love to dance, and be really ridiculous, and over the top when performing, so, the video would probaly showcase that!  Hopefully, I could also plan a small tour? or even have a bigger show in hollywood… but if i wind up staying a street act, i will be happy with that.  I just like being able to perform and make people happy for the 10 seconds or 10 minutes they stop by my stage every-night 🙂

T.H.E – Thanks for joining us Mr. Movienaut, Never Let Go Jack!

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