A Symphony of Styles: OFFAIAH and Conor Grant Blend Classic and Modern in ‘No Competition

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In the pulsating world of electronic dance music, certain collaborations seem predestined to stir the soul and move the feet.

This is epitomized in the electrifying synergy between OFFAIAH and Conor Grant, whose track “No Competition” out on Perfect Havoc has emerged as a testament to musical innovation and nostalgic homage. The genesis of this collaboration was almost serendipitous, as OFFAIAH recalls being captivated from his first encounter with the demo. “I was hooked on the track from the very first listen – the use of the vocal was the first thing that captured my imagination and the production level of the first demo from Conor was executed to a very high level,” he explains, his enthusiasm palpable, a clear indicator of his immediate desire to contribute to its evolution.

The decision to sample the Salsoul classic “Doctor Love” was not just a nod to the disco era but a deliberate choice driven by OFFAIAH’s long-standing affection for the original track. “‘Doctor Love’ has always been one of my favorite records,” he shares. The challenge, however, was to reinvent it in a manner not previously done, aiming to introduce its magic to a new audience while retaining its timeless charm. “The key goal here was to do it in a way that hasn’t been done before in order to open up the track to a whole new generation of listeners,” OFFAIAH remarks, highlighting the creative ambition behind the choice.

The production process itself was a dance between traditional methods and innovative techniques. Initially set in motion by Conor using Logic’s native synths, the project was later transitioned into Ableton, the digital audio workstation where OFFAIAH feels most at home. “As far as production goes it was relatively straight forward,” he states, reflecting on the technical transitions, but he notes that significant effort went into the vocal arrangements to capture the original’s spirit. “Most of the production time was spent re-recording and arranging the vocals and getting them to have the same feel, vibe, and energy as the original,” he elaborates.

Envisioning the track’s impact, OFFAIAH aims for it to resonate broadly, from dance floors to casual listening sessions. “The target audience is anyone who has an appreciation for good house music and loves to get down on the dance floor,” he notes, anticipating its adaptation into various listening environments, asserting its versatility and broad appeal.

Yet, not all aspects of production were straightforward. OFFAIAH cites capturing the intricate nuances of the original vocal as a particularly daunting challenge, one that required meticulous attention to detail. “One of my main objectives was to have the newly re-recorded vocal sound as close to the original as possible – that was the hardest challenge,” he confesses. His solution was rooted in perseverance: “The only thing that helped me overcome this task was time and patience.”

Reflecting on a memorable moment from the production, OFFAIAH shares an anecdote that underscores the often-unconventional nature of musical creativity. “Much of the vocal production was edited and arranged on a long-haul flight from Florida, USA to Sri Lanka,” he reveals, an environment that provided him with an unusual but welcome focus, far removed from the lively distractions of his home studio.

Looking to the future, OFFAIAH hints at continued collaborations with Conor Grant, promising more compelling music on the horizon. “Yes, we have another project we are already working on together which is definitely a dancefloor banger,” he teases, inviting fans to stay tuned.

For those aspiring to make their mark in the music industry, OFFAIAH offers advice that is both pragmatic and inspirational. “I would say to anyone looking to get into the music industry that first and foremost they need to have a deep love for music and a willingness and tenaciousness to succeed and work hard,” he advises, emphasizing the importance of passion over the pursuit of fame.

In the rhythm of his current playlist, OFFAIAH finds joy in “How You Feel” by ANOTR, Leven Kali, and Erik Bandt—a track he describes as a “feel-good summer song,” indicative of his broad musical tastes and continuous search for inspiration. As “No Competition” reverberates through the global dance music scene, it’s clear that for OFFAIAH and Conor Grant, this collaboration is just another chapter in their ongoing musical narratives, filled with beats that not only reflect their past influences but also pave the way for future innovations.


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