T.H.E Interview – Oliver Ingrosso


Oliver Ingrosso drops his latest cut, ‘Legend’ – a club focused production that also sets out the musical agenda of his newly formed Manaton Records

The production output of Oliver Ingrosso goes firmly on, as he serves up his latest club workout & sets out the musical agenda of his new label, Manaton Records.

We caught up with Oliver Ingrosso, to speak about ‘Legend’, and loads more.

T.H.E – Hey Oliver! Welcome to The Music Essentials. What have you been up to across 2019 so far?

Oliver Ingrosso – Thanks a lot! Many things! I’ve just started my own record label and will release my first single on my own as the earlier ones were collaborations.

T.H.E – We’re loving the energy that your new track ‘Legend’ brings. How long was the record in the works?

Oliver Ingrosso – THANK YOU!! That makes me so happy really! A while actually, two years maybe. It’s like building a house, you think you’ll have an estimated time but then other things always happen along the way.

T.H.E – Tell us about Manaton Records. What made you start your own label?

Oliver Ingrosso – Well, this is actually late in the making. I was 3 years old and sat with like 3 phones and 2 fax machines pretending I had my own record label that I already named Manaton Records back then. Which to this day is a better name then my 29-year-old ass would ever come up with?

T.H.E – Do you have a number of releases already signed & what kind of sounds are you looking at, long term?

Oliver Ingrosso – Well, I have my own tracks which will keep the label busy for the coming 2 years maybe as it stands right now. But I’m already in the works to signing other tracks as well. Just good house & techno no EDM no commercial stuff!

T.H.E – Having toured the world & played alongside the Swedish House Mafia, Adrian Lux & the late Avicii, what’s been a highlight for you so far?

Oliver Ingrosso – Wow, a lot! Pacha Ibiza is a good memory. Also my gig at Green Valley in Brazil, that night and club was exceptional. But maybe it still is where it all started, a club called F12 in Stockholm. I and my 2 best friends (1 of them Otto Knows) shared one Sunday a month together with AN21 and Sebjak if I’m not mistaken. Still today I think most of us can look back at those nights there with a big smile!

T.H.E – What’s the scene like in your homeland, Sweden right now?

Oliver Ingrosso – To be honest not so good at all! It’s getting better though with Stockholm doing interesting bookings in the likes of Nina Kravitz and Stephan Bodzin just to name a few. Gothenburg is a bit further along the way in regards to nightclubs tough.

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