T.H.E Interview – Paola Peroni

paola peroni interview

Paola Peroni speaks to us about her new single, her artistic career and plans for 2020.

T.H.E – Hey Paola! Welcome to T.H.E – Music Essentials. How was 2019 for you, what were your top moments of the year?

Paola – A sparkling, creative 2019 full of positive energies with new synergies, and collaborations in progress. Unforgettable moments both in the studio and on the console during my numerous live and radio DJ sets. I love to excite those who listen to the music I create and perform, I also get excited myself, I think this is the meaning of our work: to get excited by emotion.

T.H.E – Sweet vibes on your new single, ‘Don’t You Know’ featuring RAiK – can you tell us a little about the production process & how the collaboration came about?

Paola – Part of the melody was born in Ibiza during the summer, a magical island that inspires me a lot and where I would like one day to play my DJ set… Dreams come true, Don’t You Know?? Back in Brescia, in the studio I created the song by arranging “romantic” melodies with an Italian vibe, pleasant house sounds and a funky groove. Then I went in search of the right vocalist and thanks to a friend who suggested some singers, I finally found the right voice to fit the symbiosis of the song.

T.H.E – As an artist, you are well established under various aliases around the globe – what was behind your decision to begin releasing under your real name?

Paola – It was my producer Gianfranco Bortolotti, from when I worked at Media records that suggested I should produce some songs for BXR with my real name. It was his innovative philosophy to create a movement that was followed by another TOP label.

T.H.E – Looking back at your journey – what first inspired you to pursue a career in music & which influences have been most impactful along the way?

Paola – I was introduced to music in my adolescence, singing in my parish’s gospel choirs and studying the piano. Later I discovered how rewarding it was to be able to mix and entertain thousands of people through DJ sets. When I started working in recording studios, seeing my ideas realized and published all over the world, a limitless path started. For me, this is always in continuous state of evolution: technologies change, it is easier to produce songs because the costs of studying now is less than in the past. The challenge with digital generation is that all the parameters have changed, so I have to adapt to the new landscape – accepting that it is not enough to be good and have talent. Now there are new generations where it is often not important to be something but only to appear… I have always chosen to be and make my music speak.

T.H.E – ‘Don’t You Know’ is released on your own Intercool imprint. As a label owner, talent manager, event organiser & artist in your own right – what are the biggest challenges you face, juggling so many roles?

Paola – Realize my ideas and more: help grow those who have talent by handing down the old school notions and the trust that is acquired only through the perseverance and sacrifice that music requires. I created ESSERE O DIVENTARE DJ PRODUCER (TO BE OR BECOME DJ PRODUCER) training courses in collaboration with other professionals. Every project that I undertake must please my collaborators: I believe in teamwork but also the need for a leader for success.

T.H.E – With your knowledge & experience in the industry – if you could offer a single piece of advice to aspiring producers / DJs, what would it be & why?

Paola – Passion above all, dedication, perseverance and sacrifice. In the console it is important to have your own identity, to be bold and to be able to convey emotions. The same is true for production and feedback from people who are not in the industry is important because they can often open up new worlds. Create and free the mind by dedicating themselves only to writing music and looking for sounds that give us sensations. A hit is not necessarily perfect: the important thing is that it reaches the heart, the core 🙂

T.H.E – And lastly, what’s next for Paola Peroni – can you share any goals or new releases you have in the pipeline for 2020?

Paola – I’m looking for producers and new talents to produce with, sporting events for EPM Motorsport where music and engines will go all over Europe with the new team. Music Ivasion in Ibiza!!


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