T.H.E Interview – Pascal Letoublon x ILIRA

pascal letoublon x ilira interview

An artist that requires little introduction, as he continues to amass fans across the international dance landscape.

Pascal Letoublon first exploded onto the scene with his breakout hit ‘Friendships’. As the original hits 130m streams at Spotify and the subsequent ‘Friendships’ (Lost My Love) ft. Leony amassing more than 100m streams, Pascal Letoublon now returns with his brand new collab with ILIRA.

ILIRA has previously working alongside Tiësto, Galantis, Alle Farben, Sigala, VIZE & Cheat Codes – to date she’s also amassed over 400m streams across platforms & continues her international rise at pace.

Now with the release of their single ‘Time After Time’ kicking off 2023 in fitting fashion, we caught up with Pascal and ILIRA to discuss their latest collaboration.

T.H.E – A warm welcome to T.H.E – Music Essentials, Pascal & ILIRA! Has it been a positive start to 2023 for you both?

Pascal – It has been a great start so far. Our release is doing really well and I am working on lots of new music.

ILIRA – Yes, the year already started with a lot of new and exciting projects, songs and sessions.

T.H.E – Your new single ‘Time After Time’ is the perfect soundtrack to lift those January blues, when did production first begin?

Pascal – We started about a year ago and took our time to make sure the single sounds just the way we wanted it.

T.H.E – Have you worked with each other before, or is this the first time?

Pascal – It’s the first time and hopefully not last. With an incredible voice like Ilira’s it is always fun.

ILIRA – It’s the first time for both of us. I have always followed Pascal’s Music and I admired his style and energy!

T.H.E – Pascal, how have you seen the musical landscape change in your homeland of France, since your breakout hit ‘Friendships’?

Pascal – France has and always had lots of talented artists. These days there is definitely more electronic music out there.

T.H.E – ILIRA, having worked alongside the likes of Tiësto, Galantis, Sigala & many others – what’s been a career highlight for you to date?

ILIRA – My highlight was singing in the Wembley stadium in front of 80k people alongside Sigala. It was one of the most special moments of my life.

T.H.E – Pascal, as an in-demand DJ too – is there a particular show or club performance that really stands out from the rest?

Pascal – I have to say bootshaus in Cologne, Germany. The energy and crowd at this venue is just incredible. They have been voted the number 5 club in the world and all artists once they have played there, they always want to come back.

T.H.E – In terms of the rest of 2023, is there any other future release news you can both share with us?

Pascal – I am working on a few tracks and also a couple big collabs. You will find out soon.

ILIRA – I will also be releasing my own EP very soon and some Singles with other Djs as well.


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