T.H.E Interview – ReauBeau

ReauBeau interview

Just weeks after dropping the hip-hop influenced “Alright,” Dutch bass producer ReauBeau flexed his dynamic production muscles with his new release “Freedom.”

The track weaves a complex sonic tale with cascading melodies and unhurried, synth-driven basslines. Paired with soulful vocals, “Freedom” is as moving as it is blissful, making for a sonic journey that is both groovy and chill-worthy. It’s the final single from ReauBeau’s 7-track “CTRL” EP, which is out now on Snavs’s Riotville Records.

Check out our chat where ReauBeau speaks to us about this EP, Tiesto’s high praise and his plans for 2019.

T.H.E – Hey man! Welcome to T.H.E – Music Essentials. How has 2019 kicked off for you?

ReauBeau – Hey guys, thanks! I’ve had a great first month and have been really busy with finishing music and writing songs. I also just released my first EP ‘CTRL’ on Riotville Records.

T.H.E – We are big fans of your CTRL EP! How long was it in the works?

ReauBeau – That’s great to hear! Glad you guys like it. I was a bit nervous before releasing it actually. But I guess that’s normal when you release something that is important to you. I think the EP took about 4 months to complete in total. Mostly because I had to make a selection from about 30 tracks in which I tried to tell a story of how I perceive myself as an artist.

T.H.E – Your sounds have been described as a mix of future bass, and hip-hop. What is it about these genres that appeal to you?

ReauBeau – I used to be a big hip-hop fan. I was a big fan of 2Pac and Dr. Dre as well as many acts from the east coast. Think of Wu-Tang Clan, DJ Premier, KRS-One and many more. After I had produced hip-hop and dubstep music at the start, I wanted to shift gears and combine my passion for hip-hop and bass music. Besides this, I used to be a singer in a punk band. I really love the edginess that it brought with, which you might be able to hear back in my music.

T.H.E – How did you get into music production, and how did the name ‘ReauBeau’ come about?

ReauBeau – I started out by producing hip-hop for fun with a friend of mine which became a hip-hop group called Centrum with producers Distrikt and Breek. Shortly after I got into dubstep and produced music with the alias of “Robokop”. At some point, I wanted to change course and start a new music project. After someone on Facebook said something along the lines like ‘So cool that reaubeau will be playing!’, the idea popped in my mind to use this name for my new project, which became ReauBeau.

T.H.E – Tiesto calls you as “The most exciting artist in the future bass scene”. Heavy praise indeed! How much has he inspired you, in your career?

ReauBeau – I’m very honored that he said that! Especially because there are so many other fellow Dutch producers besides Tiësto that I look up to such as Zes, GANZ, San Holo… The list goes on!

T.H.E – What does the rest of 2019 look like for you, from a touring and production point of view?

ReauBeau – For me, 2019 is all about new music and a lot of it! I have about 10 songs already scheduled to be released! I just signed an EP deal with Circus Records. I’m very excited about this, because I always loved what they were doing. In records to shows; I just did a show with Netsky in The Netherlands. This week I will be doing a guest mix on Benzi’s radio show ‘BANGUERS’, which is on Diplo’ Revolution radio channel (part of SiriusXM). I’m also playing at SXSW this year in Austin, Texas, which I am extremely excited about!

T.H.E – Lastly, which artists would you want to collaborate with, and why?

ReauBeau – This is quite hard for me as there are so many great artists to choose from… It would be amazing to work with Mr. Carmack. I love his creativity on beats. Besides this, I always get great vibes from Louis Futon’s music, so I’d be thrilled to be in the studio with them!

T.H.E – Thanks, man! Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us.

ReauBeau – Thanks for having me guys!


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