T.H.E Interview – Remko De Jong (Co-Founder of Moon Jelly)


Over the years, the role that social media has played in building the profile of an artist has only grown in importance.

Due to the increased and more engaging interactions between artists and fans, it’s important for artists to understand the role that social media plays for them, and hence have the right strategy to course-correct and optimize, so as to make the most of it.

Someone who understood this very well, is Remko De Jong, previously the marketing director for Nicky Romero.

Having launched a brand new creative agency along with Chris Bauduin called Moon Jelly, Remko has identified the need for an online hub, that provides artists with exclusive content, that allows them to build their profiles using social media channels.

Created by industry experts and marketing connoisseurs, Moon Jelly will see its official launch at this year’s Amsterdam Dance Event.

We had a chat with Remko and spoke about various topics including the need for artists to optimize their digital marketing strategies, and how Moon Jelly can be a solution.

T.H.E – What is Moon Jelly and how can DJ’s benefit from using the service? 

Remko De Jong – Moon Jelly is basically an online hub for DJs, artists, promoters, and labels where we’ve gathered everything you need to rock your own marketing. The biggest stars in the game have their own marketing team, but for all the others we have turned the knowledge and expertise of more than 80 industry experts into awesome articles, videos, templates, webinars, and much more. And if you want us to do it for you book one of our services. We help become or stay relevant in the game.

T.H.E – Artists are starting to move more toward the independent route with their music and careers, do you think services like Moon Jelly are the way forward? 

Remko De Jong – These days the music industry is a tech business. Whether we like it or not. And it’s completely DIY. Which offers a lot of opportunities but also a lot of challenges. Services like us can act as guides through these challenging times. 

T.H.E – What kind of results can an artist expect to see from using the Moon Jelly service? 

Remko De Jong – It depends. We share a wide variety of tips, tricks and knowledge on our platform to help you going. And if you need specific help, you consult us personally. But to be honest, it will only work if the artist is willing to put in the work. It can be a challenge for artists to be on top of their marketing but it is essential to your career nowadays. We know it works because we have done it for so many artists and brands. It really pays off. 

T.H.E – You’re officially launching your service at ADE this coming October, what can we expect to see at this launch? 

Remko De Jong – To be honest, although there will be an open bar and bites, the real launch is more for the artists and labels we serve. During ADE we are giving away free press shoots for upcoming artists. We got a professional studio and called in the help from our friend Ali Moussavi (famous for shooting the likes of Nicky Romero, Skrillex and Armin van Buuren). We got a bunch of record labels like Protocol and Hexagon who are sending their talents so all of them finally have a decent mugshot 😉

T.H.E – As the founders of Moon Jelly, what is the hardest hurdle you had to overcome to turn this idea into a working service? 

Remko De Jong – Turning all our knowledge and expertise (and the 80 experts we consult) into consumable content. Other than that is to make people aware of the importance of marketing to boost your profile. Whether you are an artist, event or record label

T.H.E – Where would you like to see Moon Jelly this time next year? 

Remko De Jong – Our main goal is to keep growing of course. So we’d love to see thousands of artists, promoters and labels using our platform in a years time. One of our media partners just said there are 20 million registered DJ’s so we still have a lot of markets to cover. Another goal is to grow in new markets in Asia. Our hub in Seoul should help us lot. On a content level, we hope to wow everyone with more visual content like master classes, webinars, interviews, podcasts and even live events.  

To know more about Moon Jelly, and the kind of services they offer, head here.

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