T.H.E Interview – RMA

Victor Porfidio To My Heart RMA Remix

The latest output from revered German DJ and Producer RMA comes in the form of a huge remix on Victor Porfidio’s cut, ‘To My Heart’.

RMA’s discography features a unique culmination of genres and influences, which has seen him gain the support of some of the industry’s leading figures over the years. We caught up with RMA to discuss his latest remix of ‘To My Heart’.

T.H.E – First off, thanks for joining us RMA & welcome back to T.H.E – Music Essentials! Where do we find you in the world right now & what have you been up to since we caught up with you in November last year?

RMA – Thanks for having me back! I’m still living and working in Germany. Since November last year, I’ve been busy producing a lot of new music & had success with releases like ‘Feeling Strange’ (2Dutch), ‘Hands Up High’ (Sirup), and ‘All Of My Love’ (2Dutch).

T.H.E – Can you tell us about the inspiration behind your remix of Victor Porfidio’s ‘To My Heart’ & any particular goals you had for the direction, in the initial stages?

RMA – The main inspiration was the wonderful vocal you hear in the track, so I worked on putting together some perfectly fitting powerful beats around it in RMA style.

T.H.E – How did you end up working with Victor Porfidio?

RMA – The original version: Victor Porfidio – To My Heart was already released in May 2020 by 2Dutch. Since I already had some big releases with 2Dutch, the label asked if I would do a Remix for Victor Porfidio – To My Heart. Of course, I immediately said – Yes, I’m gonna make this remix for sure!

T.H.E – What is your favourite part of the original track & wanted to retain in your take?

RMA – My favourite part is absolutely the drop! I always try to put my “RMA style” in the remixes, to keep it recognizable.

T.H.E – Who would you love to see supporting your remix of ‘To My Heart’?

RMA – Some amazing support came already from Lucas and Steve, Maurice West, Renvo, etc. I’d also love to see Tiësto, Oliver Heldens, Mahmut Orhan, Tchami supporting ‘To My Heart’ RMA Remix! 

T.H.E – How would you describe the sound on your latest release & how does it differ from your previous output? 

RMA – I’d describe the sound as powerful, passionate & motivating. It doesn’t differ too much from my previous output, as I always try to put my “RMA style” to keep my music sounding consistent.

T.H.E – Looking back at your journey as an artist so far, can you share 3 moments that stand out for you & have been most influential in building your career 

RMA – When my RMA track ‘Chinese Gambler’ was performed by Lost Kings at Ushuaia Club in Ibiza – in July 2018

When RMA feat. Fatman Scoop – ‘Lick U’ was added to Sony Music Club Sounds Vol. 88. – in February 2019

When I had my first Top 10 Beatport position!

T.H.E – And finally, across the remainder of 2020 & beyond, what else is in the pipeline for RMA that we can look forward to seeing? 

RMA – This year I’m gonna release at least one other track. This track will be very special and released on a great label! For 2021 there will be a whole new lot of exciting projects with other DJs and Artists!




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